6 Best Smartphone Gimbals for Beginners

6 Best Smartphone Gimbals for Beginners

Smartphone cameras have drastically improved in recent years. You no longer need a separate camera. However, some parameters, such as video stabilization, are not perfect. Technologies like OIS and EIS are helpful but not always the best. Luckily, gimbals for smartphones can help you record stable videos. Here is a list of the best smartphone gimbals for beginners.

6 Best Smartphone Gimbals for Beginners

A gimbal eliminates micro stutters and jitters when recording videos on your phone, helping to create smooth movements and pans, which is beneficial for beginner filmmakers. Here are some of the best gimbals for your smartphone. Before we dive into the most popular options, here are some related articles you may find interesting:

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Now, let’s explore video stabilizers for your phone.

1. MOZA Mini-MX Smartphone Gimbal

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Tripod: External attachment

Battery Life: 20 hours

6 Best Smartphone Gimbals for Beginners

MOZA Mini-MX Smartphone Gimbal

Moza has been producing smartphone accessories, and the Mini-MX gimbal is one of their most refined products. It’s a compact 3-axis gimbal with smart features and an affordable price. Folding the Moza Mini-MX to half its size is a boon for travelers. When unfolded, the gimbal quickly turns on and is ready to use with your smartphone. Moza claims to use algorithms that eliminate shakes and jitters in videos. There are also modes like sports mode and vlog mode.

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The companion app sometimes poses problems, especially on Android phones. Users have reported that the app crashes randomly, which can be annoying. If you have an iPhone, you’re good to go.

2. Hohem Gimbal Stabilizer

Compatibility: Android and iOSTripod: External attachment Battery Life: 13 hours

6 Best Smartphone Gimbals for Beginners

Hohem Gimbal Stabilizer

Hohem’s smartphone gimbal is highly rated on Amazon for its affordability, features, and included travel case. However, if portability is your main concern, the foldable design of the Hohem gimbal may not meet your expectations. Unlike the Moza Mini-MX, which folds in half, the Hohem gimbal only folds at the top, resulting in a larger footprint that takes up space in your backpack. Nevertheless, the Hohem gimbal excels in terms of features, offering anti-shake algorithms for video stabilization, as well as face-tracking, clone mode, panorama, and dolly zoom features to enhance the overall appeal of your videos.

3. DJI Osmo Mobile 4 SE

Compatibility: Android and iOS Tripod: External attachment Battery Life: 15 hours

6 Best Smartphone Gimbals for Beginners

DJI Osmo Mobile 4 SE

DJI’s expertise in making camera accessories has made the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 SE one of the best smartphone gimbals to buy for under three figures. It has all the important features you need, plus an excellent companion app.

The primary reason to get a gimbal from DJI is the superior app experience. The DJI app has a better UI and lets you record better-quality footage without crashes. You also get handy features like object/human tracking, story mode, and video editing templates.

Another cool feature of the Osmo Mobile 4 SE is the magnetic smartphone mount, which makes it easier to take off quickly. The gimbal folds in half for travel, and DJI includes a tripod attachment for self-recording in the package.

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4. Insta360 Flow AI Gimbal

Compatibility: Android and iOS Tripod: Built-in Battery Life: 12 hours

6 Best Smartphone Gimbals for Beginners

Insta360 Flow AI Gimbal

Insta360 is a camera equipment manufacturer, but it operates more like an AI expert with its advanced features. The Insta360 Flow gimbal offers all the premium features expected, along with clever software tricks.

The Insta360 Flow is the perfect companion for solo operators. Its impressive tracking features automatically lock focus on you and frame the shot based on your movements. The built-in tripod eliminates the need for extra attachments, making it even more convenient.

Apart from its excellent tracking capabilities, the Insta360 Flow also offers other modes like sports and slow motion. It even has the ability to capture 360-degree photos. If you don’t have a dedicated 360-degree camera, you can use the Flow’s companion app to take awesome 360 photos with your smartphone.

The app has several effects and editing methods that can automatically create a montage of your clips. Plus, there’s a built-in selfie stick for vlogging. The Insta360 Flow is a complete package for content creators, making it the best gimbal for beginners or those starting with filmmaking.

The only downside is that the product is new, so device compatibility may be limited. However, if you have an iPhone or a top-tier Android flagship, you should be good to go.

5. DJI Osmo Mobile 6

Android and iOS Compatibility: External Tripod Attachment – 10 Hour Battery Life

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