6 Best Smartphone Accessories for Runners

6 Best Smartphone Accessories for Runners

Running in a gym versus running outdoors offers two different experiences. Outdoor running provides the cold wind, changing scenery, and the feeling of gravel underfoot, making it a great option.

However, in today’s world, running is about more than just the experience. What matters is the number of calories burned and the distance covered. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of six smartphone accessories for runners. These accessories will help you track your progress and stay motivated to improve each day.

1. Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Alta HR

6 Best Smartphone Accessories for Runners

The first on our list is the Fitbit Alta HR fitness tracker. It not only informs you about distance covered and calories burned, but also tracks your heart rate. This tracker allows you to optimize your workouts with the right intensity using PurePulse Technology. It also includes features like guided breathing sessions, auto exercise recognition, sleep tracking, and more.

2. GPS Tracker: Garmin Vivoactive

6 Best Smartphone Accessories for Runners

Imagine a smartwatch, GPS-enabled sports watch, and activity tracker in one, like the Garmin Vivoactive. Its advantage over regular fitness trackers is the ability to check calls and notifications on the go. Additionally, this GPS-enabled watch optimizes tracking for sports activities. The Garmin Vivoactive has a sleek and lightweight design, unlike regular sports watches. Other notable features include an Always on Display, a rich and colorful display, and traditional Move alerts.

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3. Armband: Portholic Cell Phone Workout Armband

6 Best Smartphone Accessories for Runners

The Portholic Workout Armband is the best choice if you want a soft and stretchable armband. It is made of lycra and neoprene, which makes it water-resistant. It also has a fingerprint unlock feature. This armband can hold any smartphone up to 6.3 inches and has extra space for your keys and longer earphone cables. The reflective edges of the armband enhance your safety by making you more visible in the dark.

4. Running Backpack: Gear Beast Backpack

6 Best Smartphone Accessories for Runners

If an armband is too cumbersome, consider the Gear Beast Running Backpack. This cleverly-designed backpack can hold your phone, cash, and credit cards while you run. It also has precise cut-outs at the top to connect your wired earphones seamlessly.

The Gear Beast running backpack is water-resistant and has adjustable shoulder straps. This ensures a comfortable fit and prevents unnecessary movement during your workout.

5. Waterproof Headphones: Senso Wireless Sports Headphones

6 Best Smartphone Accessories for Runners

The Sensor Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headphones is a steal at $29.97. It has all the qualities you’d need in a pair of headphones. They are IPX7-certified and offer HD stereo sound. The ergonomically-designed hooks keep the earbuds secure while running. Additionally, the Sensor wireless headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1 and a long battery life.

6. Hybrid Fanny Pack: FlipBelt

6 Best Smartphone Accessories for Runners

Another well-designed pack for carrying essentials is FlipBelt. It has four internal pockets for your phone, music player, cash, and keys. Once everything is inside, simply flip the belt inside out to secure your items, similar to a running backpack. The FlipBelt, made from spandex-lycra material, resembles a yoga pant’s waistband and is machine-washable. It comes in various colors, but be mindful of the size when purchasing.

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Pull Up Your Running Socks

These are six smartphone accessories for runners. As they say, “Tough runs don’t last; tough runners do”. What’s the maximum distance you’ve run? We look forward to hearing from you in the comments below.

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