6 Best Reasons to Buy an Apple Pencil for iPad

6 Best Reasons to Buy an Apple Pencil for iPad

Are you considering buying an Apple Pencil for your iPad? Despite its reputation as a stylus for artists and students, the Apple Pencil offers many other benefits beyond drawing and note-taking. In addition to discussing its artistic and academic advantages, we will explore six other compelling reasons to purchase an Apple Pencil.

1. Use Scribble

When typing, you either have to put down the Apple Pencil or use it to type on the onscreen keyboard. This slows you down and doesn’t provide a good experience.

However, with iPadOS 14, you now have Scribble, a great feature that allows you to write directly within text fields, such as in Universal Search, the address bar in Safari, or web forms. Scribble automatically recognizes and converts your handwriting into text.

To make things even better, Scribble has its own unique gestures. If you make a mistake, you can simply scratch out the converted words to delete them. If you want to replace a word or sentence, just circle it and start writing again.

2. Navigate Safari

With the introduction of iPadOS in 2019, Apple modified Safari to function like Safari on the Mac. So, Safari on the iPad displays desktop versions of websites by default. This makes sense with larger screen sizes. However, it also presents other issues. Navigating and interacting on sites with tiny elements can be hit or miss without a trackpad, mouse, or Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro. Fortunately, the Apple Pencil quickly resolves this issue. With its tiny touch area, it helps you deal with desktop sites like a champ.

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3. Select Handwriting

For a long time, the Notes app allowed you to search your handwriting using smart OCR detection algorithms. However, with iPadOS 14, you can now do much more. In iPadOS 14, the Notes app has perfect handwriting detection capabilities. You can select and copy handwritten text like you would with typed text. And when you paste your handwriting into other apps, it automatically converts it to typed text.

4. Perform Annotations

An Apple Pencil makes annotating a breeze. Swipe from the left edge to grab a screenshot and access the editing screen. Use annotation tools to get the job done fast. Tip: With iPadOS 14, you can decrease screenshot opacity for better visibility on noisy backgrounds.

In addition to screenshots, the Apple Pencil makes annotating PDFs easy. No third-party app required. Use the native Preview functionality accessed through the Files app. Open the PDF and start annotating.

If you struggle with drawing shapes, don’t worry. iPadOS 14 has a simple trick to create precise shapes in the Notes app. For example, to draw a perfect circle, try holding your Apple Pencil at the end while making your best attempt. The Notes app will automatically detect the shape and adjust it for you.

6. Remote Desktop

Using a remote desktop client to access your PC or Mac from your iPad can be a hassle when it comes to interacting with small desktop elements using your finger. However, using an Apple Pencil can make this process much easier. Apple’s stylus allows you to interact with even the smallest Windows or macOS UI elements when operating your computer remotely.

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Getting One?

An Apple Pencil enhances the iPad experience, making it faster and more efficient. iPadOS 14 improvements in the Notes app further justify the purchase for heavy note-takers. Both generations of Apple Pencil, though expensive, are worth the investment for increased productivity.

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