In our unending, primal need to label and categorize things, we’ve attempted to cram the social and economic opinions of all 360+ Million diverse Americans into a few, rather narrow political definitions.

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Today’s top Three are:

If you are Republican:

  • You must be: Anti-Abortion, Pro-Death Penalty, Mother, God, Guns, NASCAR, Apple Pie, etc.
  • Not all Republicans are Rednecks, but all Rednecks are Republicans.
  • Mess with the USA and they’ll blow you up! (Hawks)
  • Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Jerry Falwell, Sarah Palin are Republicans

If you are a Democrat:

  • You must be: Pro-Choice, Anti-Death Penalty, Anti-Gun Owner’s Rights, pro-redistribution of wealth, believe that the government should take care of you, etc.
  • Not all Democrats are throwback hippies or illegal aliens, but all throwback hippies and illegal aliens are Democrats.
  • Democrats believe in peace, love, flowers, and happiness, and will blow you up (only if they have to) so you can have it. (Doves)
  • Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, Al Sharpton, Rev. Wright, Bill Mahr, David Letterman, Lady GaGa and Rosie are Democrats.

If you are Libertarian:

  • You believe in the right to do pretty much anything, as long as it doesn’t interfere with someone else’s right to do the same.
  • Not all Libertarians are [pretty much anything here] but a lot of [same thing here] are Libertarians.
  • Go ahead, blow yourselves and each other up if you want to. As long as the fallout doesn’t come their way, they don’t care! And btw, keep it “over there” or they will care, and then they will blow you up.
  • Libertarians have a serious P.R. problem. A list of famous Libertarians is online HERE

Keeping the above very loose definitions in mind, where does someone who is pro-choice, anti-death penalty, pro-drug-legalization, small government, pro-defense and yet supports a smaller, more focused military, fit?

  • If you are a pro-choice or anti-death penalty person you can’t be a “loyal” Republican.
  • If you are pro-death penalty or pro-life then you can’t be a “true” Democrat.
  • If you are anti-drug you’ll not be a “good” Libertarian.

About the only category left for those of us who don’t easily “fit” into one of these three cubby-holes is as an “Independent, the political equivalent of Unitarian.”

If you are “mostly” Republican, or “primarily” Democrat, you are, by definition, Independent.

Since we are so fixed on hyphenating ourselves, if you are a member of the ‘big two’ aren’t you really an “Independent-Republican,” or an “Independent-Democrat?” After all, how many of you are in 100% agreement with every issue in your so-called “party line.”

I can assure you that the percentage is considerably less than 1/3.

Who makes up this all-powerful “Two Thirds

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Proverb of Unknown Origin

Genetics, environment, intellect, age, experience or some combination thereof has endowed the TwoThirds with a certain degree of wisdom and insight, seemingly missing in the One Third.

political bell curve We are Republican, Democrat, Independent, Black, White, Red, Yellow and every shade of American in between.

We are of Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Agnostic, Atheist and a variety of diverse faiths, philosophies, and beliefs.

We are men, women and even those in-between. We are straight, gay and any number of fascinating variations. We really don’t care who or what you sleep with, just keep it out of our faces.

We are are not the super-wealthy 5%, or even in the moderately wealthy  30%, though they are welcome among us.

We are not huge corporations, we are the employees who work for them and the investors and retirees with their stock in our retirement plans.

We are the entrepreneurs, self-employed, small business owners and the people they employ.

We are Doctors, Lawyers, Plumbers, Teachers, Migrant Workers, Truckers, Farmers, Scientists, Roofers, Consultants, Public Servants, and the really bored guys who hold the STOP/SLOW signs at highway construction zones — but we are not career politicians.

We are the Americans who live and work peacefully and quietly alongside members of every imaginable racial, ethnic and social group and never give it a second thought. Someone’s race, religion or sexual preference is of absolutely no concern to us.

We actually do, in our heart of hearts, “judge a man by the quality of his character.” (We also know that the act of saying this labels us as racists and bigots to the other One-Third, but they are the only ones making a big deal over it.)

We are foreign nationals and would-be citizens who are here legally working, studying, and enjoying the benefits of living in The United States of America.

We are naturalized Americans who are proud of our original heritage and culture. We only want to share it, not spread it. We are Americans first.

We realize that we do not need common motivations to share a common goal.

We know that we don’t need to be friends, or even respect one another to be allies and respect one another’s opinions on at least some issues.

We are not sheep and still believe in the principles that founded and built this country, though many of us have been passive or silent far too long.

We don’t consider helping ourselves as helping our enemy, we look at helping others on mutual issues, as helping ourselves.

We have thick skins and are big enough and sufficiently mature, regardless of our age, to look through personal attacks, slander, and slurs made against us as if they were invisible. We know that responding to such attacks is a distraction and a waste of valuable time and effort.

We are secure enough in our own beliefs that we are not threatened by someone else’s star of David earrings, a crucifix on their necklace, Buddha lawn ornament, Mezuzah in their doorway, pentagram tattoo, Book of Mormon on their bookshelf or plastic Jesus on their dashboard.

We know that there is no Constitutionally guaranteed right to not be offended, at the moment we have more important things to fret about.

We know that polite does not necessarily mean “politically correct,” and quite frequently the opposite.

We still have a sense of humor and are sufficiently intelligent to recognize satire, parody, and sarcasm when we see it. We are, in fact, the non-politically correct majority of Americans who have not forgotten how to laugh at ourselves, and are not offended when others laugh at us.

We are the Americans who still know that our actions bring consequences and that those consequences are our own responsibility.

We can think and act for ourselves

We believe that life’s issues have become so varied and complex that it is futile to continue bickering over our fundamental differences when there are problems that we can solve by working together.

We believe that since life’s issues have become so varied and complex, that it is not possible to cram 280 Million individual personalities, spanning 100% of the spectrum on social, fiscal, theistic, moral, ethnic and untold other persuasions into two, or even three broad political “cubby-holes.”

We are willing to set aside our differences of opinion on often bitter “Hot-Button” issues and seek common ground, regardless of how little acreage that may involve.

We have not lost sight of common sense, though some of us may have lost touch with it.

We are the Americans who are able and willing to voluntarily help their fellow humans in need. We contribute our time, money and even blood, marrow and organs for the good of others.

We are the Americans who give generously to our society and communities through civic, religious and charitable organizations. We all give according to our individual abilities and beliefs. Humans are naturally charitable and we do not believe that government-mandated giving is a good idea.

We are the Americans who merely want to: be left sufficiently alone to do our jobs well, better ourselves, open and run our businesses, raise and educate our children, enjoy an occasional vacation, mow our lawns, (or pay to have them mowed) help our kids with their choices, homework and corner lemonade stands.

We are the Americans who create, improve, invent and innovate at laboratories, universities, corporations and in our own basements, backrooms, back yards, and garages.

We take pride in the quality of our work, obey the law, pay our taxes and generally stay out of sight, out of trouble, out of the news and therefore, out of mind.

We are the Americans who want to leave a legacy that our children and grandchildren can not only live with, but look upon with pride.

We are the Americans who do not believe that your god is a dirty word, regardless of whether you say, God, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, “Mother Earth,” or the “Great Mystery of the Black Cosmic Unknown,” if you say anything at all. The fact is, as long as you aren’t a jerk about it, we really don’t care.

We are the Americans who are appalled by the way our elected representatives, on both sides of the aisle, are behaving.

We are the Americans who are tired of being bent, folded, spindled and mutilated while attempting to serve a system that was designed to serve us.

We are the Americans who have seen how the party machines, PACs” and special interests work to keep us bickering over inconsequential issues, fluff, and entertainment while they continue to shape our future according to their vision, not ours.

What Makes the Two Thirds Different?

In attempting to reach agreement on any issue, people often focus on areas where they fundamentally disagree. These areas are usually based on deep-seated, fundamental personal differences, and almost always completely unrelated to the issue at hand.

Rather than overlook these irrelevant, unrelated disagreements and prejudices and move on with the business in front of them, they waste significant time debating these unrelated distractions. This devolves into finding someone or something to blame for the problem rather than working on a solution. Debates become arguments, emotions flare and in the end, little, if anything positive is accomplished. Often the results are negative and divisive.

“All over the shape of the conference room table.”

This Is Not Us — Because We are The Two Thirds!

I submit for your consideration: When we remove dogma, partisan spin and party politics from the equation,  at least Two-Thirds of the citizens of our great nation are in fundamental agreement on one or more of today’s most pressing issues. When we agree, we get things done.

For example:

  • Government costs too much.
  • Health care costs too much.
  • Taxes are too high for the value received.
  • The Drug War isn’t working.
  • Lawmakers should be subject to the same laws, and the same consequences for violating them, as the people who elect them.
  • Term limits and the Line Item Veto are good ideas.
  • Unemployment is too high.
  • Big Business and other special interest groups have too much influence in government.
  • We are too dependent on foreign manufacturing.
  • Our children should have access to the highest quality education on the planet, from pre-school through graduate education, to technical, trade and career training.
  • If private enterprise can provide a service as well or better than the government can, at a similar or lower cost, then private enterprise should be doing it.
  • People who commit criminal offenses should be punished. In the case of many non-violent and minor offenses, however, contributing to the public by serving them would be a far better consequence of their actions than costing the public by serving time.
  • Any American who wants to prosper, and who is willing to work and sacrifice to do so, should have that opportunity, as free from government intervention as possible.

I can not see how or why many people could disagree on at least Two-Thirds of these points.

I’ll even bet dollars to donuts (With donuts going for a Dollar at the 7/11 it’s pretty much an even bet.) that if asked, at least Two-Thirds of all Americans would agree with many, if not most of them.

We’ll be doing a survey here and elsewhere to find out soon.

We Are Not Without Fault – Unlike “Them” We Can Admit Our Mistakes and Learn From Them

    • Some of us were so busy making a living that we failed to pay attention to Them.
    • Too many of us were lazy, inattentive or apathetic and didn’t know or care about Them.
    • A lot of us assumed, “the other guy” will deal with Them
    • Some of us believed Their well-crafted cover-ups and convoluted lies.
    • Others were tricked by the sly political and procedural smoke and mirrors that They use in their attempt to circumvent us.
    • A few of us didn’t even believe that They existed.

Who are “They”

They are ruining our country

They are masters of spin and propaganda.

They are loud, and in your face.

They have taken their abuse of power to such a ridiculous level that they finally awakened a sleeping giant.

The giant they awakened is US!

WE are the TwoThirds!

We are the Super Majority and we can easily and rapidly affect political and economic change on a massive scale should we set our minds to it and work together, as a group.

We are the TwoThirds,
and we’re no longer silent.

We are the TwoThirds,
and we have the power.

We are the TwoThirds

and We’re taking Our country back!
(one bit at a time)