Apologies for stating the obvious here, but we have to include a few tips, hints and guidelines for those who may be new to online forums in general, or the TwoThirds philosophy in particular..

When posting, understand that the primary purpose of this forum is free and open communications in support of our mission statement.

We are the TwoThirds, and as such we answer to a higher standard than the minority who opposes and oppresses us.

When They say something stupid or mean-spirited they are within their rights. When we make a ‘misstatement’ or error, however, it apparently indicates a fundamental, deep-seated flaw in our souls.

These forums may not be a pure Democracy or even a Republic, but neither are they Anarchy.

The proprietors, administrators, and editors of these forums will endeavor to keep a light editorial hand.

Unlike the government, we will not enact or enforce a rule or regulation until the need to do so becomes clearly apparent, and only after appropriate warnings to and actions against multiple offenders…

A few of our members may be professional writers, journalists, and grammarians, but the bulk are ‘ordinary folks’ and the product of government-run and/or regulated school systems. Please read between nits and typos and judge contributors and their contributions by content rather than the container.

Members who are new to “American” English are congratulated for their efforts. As members of the TwoThirds, it is our nature to admit that their mastery of English is probably better than our mastery of their native tongue, so we cut them some slack. When appropriate they should be politely and constructively assisted with their new language, not criticized for their lack of fluency. This is precisely what the TwoThirds is about.

On the other hand, if what you said translates to “I was spinning on a gopher when the cheese shot my washing machine,” don’t be surprised or offended when people laugh.

It is to everyone’s advantage that discussions on this board reflect our collective personality, the unity of our purpose, and our philosophy that creating a solution to our targeted common problems is far more important than our petty differences in race, sex, age, education, race, or national origin.

Most of these forums are about ideas, not personalities so please, no “flaming” or “badgering.”

It’s perfectly acceptable to say you believe a post, comment, idea, suggestion, or statement to be crap, “as long as” you include credible, logical, or referential reasoning for your statement. “I read it on the Internet.” doesn’t qualify,

.Being polite or cordial does not mean that you need to go out of your way to be “politically correct,” quite the opposite. It is our contention that Two-Thirds of us (the TwoThirds) still have a sense of humor, and are sufficiently intelligent to recognize satire, parody, and sarcasm when we see it.

If, however, you believe that one or more ‘subtlety impaired’ readers may take your wise-crack as serious gospel, an appropriate “Smiley 🙂 never hurts.

Inappropriate Posts

 Stay On Topic 

It is assumed that by participating in these forums that members are sufficiently mature and thick-skinned to stay focused on the task at hand rather than be distracted by the closed-minded, extremist, intolerant, intransigent, xenophobe and obstructionist. There are few safeguards here against them.

Many of these vermin are extremely adept at flame-baiting, trolling, and button-pushing. It may be tempting to zing back a barbed reply, but the best defense is to ignore them.

The Custodians and Conservators of the site will endeavor to stop such distracting activity. In deference to our policy of transparency, such postings will generally not be deleted but moved to a special reference area that members may enter at their own risk.

Technical Guidelines

  • Write in English.
  • Always do a quick check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.
  • Read your post over before posting it. Try to catch typos.
  • Format your post in a legible manner. Use the preview button often.
  • Be as concise and articulate as possible.
  • Use short paragraphs to help readability
  • Capitalize Correctly. All uppercase or all lowercase is hard to read.
  • Avoid run-on sentences.
  • Try to avoid a lot of “text speak”, “netspeak” or slang. The purpose of language is to be understood, not sounding cool.
  • Don’t invent acronyms, use as few acronyms as possible.
  • Please check to see if a topic is already posted. Do not post multiple topics on the same subject.
  • Post topics in the appropriate forum.
  • Remember, we are the TwoThirds, and the purpose of this forum is communications, not calling another member to task for typos, grammar, spelling, etc. If the message, post, or comment gets its point across, it has served its purpose.
  • Criticism on grammar, spelling, typos, etc. should be constructive, minimal, and delivered by personal message or E-Mail when possible