Because We’re Out of Options

We have to work together to pick our battles, attack the issues that we can resolve as a super majority, and then do it with the full force and authority of our numbers before moving on the the next.

We no longer have the luxury of bickering over whether Bush did it, Clinton inhaled, Obama is a citizen or abortion should be legal. These “Hot Button” issues, whether they are mere distractions or deep-seated philosophical divides, are consuming far too much of our time.

If a group of people can manage to pool their resources and address a mutual issue or solve a common problem, what does it matter if they disagree on 100% of everything else.

A Fractured Fable

Once upon a time, there was an unlikely cul-de-sac where the residents were; an Orthodox Jew, a Radical Muslim, a Black Panther and a Nazi. We’ll call it Hysteria Lane.

The lawns on Hysteria Lane were so dangerously overgrown that even the most apathetic of the residents had to admit that something must be done. Small children were getting lost in the brush and frightening sounds came from its tangled foliage at night.

All of these people hated one another and none of them could afford a lawn mower.

They were facing a problem that had to be fixed and they were out of options.

Being in the same room with one another made their respective skins crawl. In this one instance, and in this one instance only, however, they were able to work under the White flag, agreed to pitch in equally, bought a mower and worked out a schedule for using it.

Today the residents of Hysteria Lane still actively despise one another, but the lawns do get mowed and everyone is better off for it, especially the children.

And that, mi amigos, is the purpose of

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