8 Things to Know About Instagram Nametag

8 Things to Know About Instagram Nametag

Instagram continues to borrow features from Snapchat, with its latest addition called Nametag. Similar to a QR code, each user receives a unique tag based on their username. By scanning each other’s Nametag, users can quickly follow each other without searching for usernames. The feature is integrated within the Instagram app, eliminating the need for a separate scanning app. Now, let’s explore the various aspects of Instagram Nametag.

1. Create a Nametag

Technically, you don’t need to create one since Instagram generates it automatically. You have to access it to customize and share it.

Here’s what you need to do to access it.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and go to the profile page. Then tap on the three-bar menu at the top-right corner.

Step 2: From the menu, select Nametag. Your Nametag will open. Let others scan it, or you can share it as well (more about that later).

2. Customize Nametag

Instagram offers three ways to customize your Nametag. You can change the background color, add emojis, and create a selfie nametag with stickers.

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Change Background Color

When opening your Nametag, the default customization option is Color. Tap anywhere on the screen to explore the palette.

Tap the Color option at the top to switch to Emoji mode. Tap anywhere on the screen to open the emoji drawer and select an emoji.

8 Things to Know About Instagram Nametag8 Things to Know About Instagram Nametag

Selfie Background

If the two options don’t satisfy you, use the selfie background. Tap on the Emoji button at the top to switch to it. If you see the Color button, tap it twice. Then tap on the sticker to change it and take a selfie. Once captured, your selfie thumbnails will be your Nametag’s background. If you don’t like your current selfie Nametag, tap on the Retake option to start again.

8 Things to Know About Instagram Nametag8 Things to Know About Instagram Nametag

Things to Remember:

You can only select one emoji at a time.

You can’t switch to the back camera in Selfie mode.

You can’t combine these three modes, you have to use them individually.

3. Scan Nametag

There are three ways to scan a Nametag in real-time.

Method 1: From the Story Screen

This is the easiest way to scan an Instagram Nametag. Simply go to the Story screen by swiping right on the home screen of the Instagram app or tap on the Camera icon at the top-left corner.

8 Things to Know About Instagram Nametag

To scan a Nametag on Instagram, open the camera mode and point your camera at the Nametag. Then, press and hold your screen. Instagram will automatically scan the Nametag and offer two options: Follow or View profile. Choose one of them.

8 Things to Know About Instagram Nametag

Method 2: From Search

Another option to scan is available from the Search or Explore feed. Open the Search tab and you’ll find a scan icon on the right side of the Search bar. Tap it to access the scan screen. Point your camera at the Nametag and hold the screen until your phone recognizes the profile.

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8 Things to Know About Instagram Nametag

To access your Nametag, go to the Search screen and tap on the “Go to your Nametag” option at the bottom.

8 Things to Know About Instagram Nametag

Method 3: From Profile Screen

When accessing your Nametag from the profile screen, you can scan other Nametags from the same screen. To do this, tap on the Scan a Nametag option at the bottom.

4. Share Nametag

Nametag allows you to easily share your profile with others. You can share it through other apps or print it. To access your Nametag, go to your profile screen and tap on the Share button. From there, you can choose to share it using any app from the share menu.

8 Things to Know About Instagram Nametag

5. Scan Nametag From Gallery

To use Nametag from your gallery, tap the Gallery icon on the scan screen. It is available for the search and profile method only. Navigate to the Nametag you want to scan and Instagram will automatically recognize it.

8 Things to Know About Instagram Nametag

6. Should You Share Nametag on Instagram?

I noticed people sharing screenshots of their Nametag on Instagram. However, Nametags are meant for people who don’t follow you. If you’re posting it on your Story or as a regular post, your viewers already follow you. Sharing it there is unnecessary unless you want others to share it as well.

Once you scan a Nametag, you have two options – Follow or View Profile. To follow them, tap the Follow button. If you already follow them, Instagram will notify you.

8 Things to Know About Instagram Nametag

8. Will Customizing a Nametag Affect the Existing One?

No. Customizations won’t affect your current Nametag. If you’ve shared it publicly, people can still follow or view your profile.

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Are They Worth it?

Tough question. There’s a similar feature for Facebook and Twitter, but it’s rarely used. Maybe because not many people use Facebook anymore.

Currently, searching for a username is a better option than asking for the Nametag. However, when meeting someone in person or chatting online, receiving a Nametag makes it easier to scan and follow them.

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