3 Ways to Check Your Instagram Highlights Viewers

3 Ways to Check Your Instagram Highlights Viewers

Instagram Highlights assist in highlighting select moments from your Instagram Stories. They are accessible on your profile and even remain available after the original Story expires. But, can you see who viewed your Instagram Highlights? Can you check the viewers after 48 hours? Let’s find out.

3 Ways to Check Your Instagram Highlights Viewers

Checking Instagram Highlight viewers can be easy thanks to the Instagram desktop and mobile app. However, it can become trickier when you want to check the viewers after the 48-hour window. While the viewer data is not officially available, there are ways to preserve it for longer. Keep reading to learn how.

Note: Make sure you’re signed in to your Instagram account before proceeding.

Method 1: Use Desktop to Check Your Instagram Highlights Views

Checking who viewed your Instagram Highlights is simple on a desktop. All you need to do is go to your profile page and click on the relevant Highlight. Then, you can see the viewer’s list of Instagram Story Highlights for that Highlight. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open Instagram on any web browser.

Step 2: Click on Profile from the menu options.

Step 3: Click on Highlight.

3 Ways to Check Your Instagram Highlights Viewers

Step 4: In the bottom left corner of the Highlight window, check the number of views. If you have multiple Highlights, use the arrow icon to scroll through them all.

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Step 5: Then, click on the views for more details.

3 Ways to Check Your Instagram Highlights Viewers

Step 6: See who viewed your Instagram Highlights.

3 Ways to Check Your Instagram Highlights Viewers

If you have multiple viewers, scroll through the list to check individual viewers for your Instagram Highlight.

To check your Instagram Highlight views, open the Instagram app on your mobile device and follow these steps:

1. Open the app.

2. Tap on your profile icon in the bottom right corner.

3. Locate the relevant Highlight on your profile page and tap on it.

4. Tap on the Activity option in the bottom left corner.

3 Ways to Check Your Instagram Highlights Viewers

Step 5: Check the total number of views under the Instagram Story Highlight.

3 Ways to Check Your Instagram Highlights Viewers

You can scroll through this page to see profiles of users who have viewed the selected Story Highlight on Instagram. To check the views for another Highlight, open it on the app and repeat the above steps.

Instagram Story Highlights remain on your profile indefinitely, but the views only last 48 hours. Despite this, there are ways to view the Highlight views beyond the initial 48-hour period. Let’s explore these methods briefly.

1. Screenshot the Views

Taking a screenshot is extremely helpful for remembering the view count of multiple Story Highlights. To do this, wait until the last moment and, just before the time limit expires, take a screenshot to record the view count for each Highlight. Repeat this process for any other Highlight and save the screenshot.

2. Get Boost for Your Story Highlights

Boost your Instagram Story Highlight and ensure the viewer details stay available even after the 48-hour mark by purchasing Boost. This will also increase the reach and viewers for the Instagram Story Highlight. Here’s how to do it.

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Note: Story Boost feature is only available for professional accounts on Instagram.

Step 1: Open Instagram and tap on your profile icon.

Step 2: Go to the relevant Highlight and tap on it.

Step 3: Tap More in the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Tap Boost story.

3 Ways to Check Your Instagram Highlights Viewers

Step 5: Choose a goal for your Story Highlight boost and tap Next.

Step 6: Select the target audience and tap Next.

3 Ways to Check Your Instagram Highlights Viewers

Step 7: Set your budget and boost duration.
Step 8: Review all necessary information and tap on Boost story.

3 Ways to Check Your Instagram Highlights Viewers

You will be redirected to the payments page. Once the relevant details have been filled in, your Instagram Story Highlight may be reviewed. After the review, the Story Highlight will run as an ad for the set duration. You can then analyze the views using Instagram’s professional tools.

3. Use Third-Party Tools

Apart from using a professional account and signing up for Boost, you can also use third-party websites to monitor the views on your Instagram Highlights. Social media tools like Sprout, squarelovin, and Buffer can be used for this purpose. However, these tools might require a subscription and your Instagram details to show you such stats. Hence, we strongly advise against these services.

FAQs for Seeing Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights

1. Instagram Story Highlights can be private by selecting specific individuals from your close friends list. You can also use the hide option to exclude certain individuals from viewing the Story Highlight.

2. To download an Instagram Highlight, go to the Story Highlights viewer page and click on the download icon. The Instagram Highlight will be downloaded to your device. For more information, refer to our guide on downloading and saving Instagram Highlights.

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Here are the ways to check Instagram Highlights viewers. To learn more about other Instagram Story Highlight features, like adding Instagram Stories to Highlights or moving Instagram Highlights, check our explainer with valuable Instagram Highlights tips and tricks.

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