3 Instagram Layout Tips for Awesome Photo Collages

3 Instagram Layout Tips for Awesome Photo Collages

Collages on Instagram are popular. I see multiple collage posts from my friends every day. It makes sense, right? You go to a party, meet friends, and take like 100 selfies. Five of them are actually good. Of course, you want to share them with your Instagram followers. But come on, you’re not going to post 5 selfies in a row. You’re not self-obsessed.

So you get the first collage app from the App Store, import the 5 best shots, arrange them better, and adjust the layout. If you don’t like the first app, you try another one, and that’s it.

There’s a better way to do all this now. And it’s blessed by the Instagram overlords. Layout is a free app from Instagram for making collages.

This app can do a lot. Let’s break down the art of insta-collaging.

1. Perfecting the 5 Image Collage

3 Instagram Layout Tips for Awesome Photo Collages

The 5 image collage is my favorite. 3 is too low, 4 is boring, 6 is a crowd. The 5 image collage also lends itself to interesting combinations. You have room to play with.

In Layout, you start by choosing the images and then the layout. It’s all done on one screen and as you select the images, they’ll propagate in the collage thumbnails above. Choose 5 images to get started.

3 Instagram Layout Tips for Awesome Photo Collages3 Instagram Layout Tips for Awesome Photo Collages

Layout is convenient because it provides previews for a variety of layouts with 5 images. Pulling down from the separation point allows for better visibility and you can choose between the first and second options.

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Once you’ve selected a layout, you can freely rearrange elements within the grid. You can replace images and switch them by dragging one image over another box. Additionally, you can pan the image within the box and resize it by tapping and holding one of the edges. The resizing is limited to the grid.

2. Exploring Cool Mirror Collages

3 Instagram Layout Tips for Awesome Photo Collages

Layout designers intentionally excluded borders from the app, which has been highly successful. Borders are not preferred due to the limited space available for images. The absence of borders also allows for creative and unique effects using the Mirror and Flip tools.

3 Instagram Layout Tips for Awesome Photo Collages

To get started, select 1 photo. Choose either the horizontal or vertical layout for a flip effect. Then, tap one image and select “Mirror” or “Flip”. “Flip” turns the image upside down and “Mirror” flips it sideways. Pan the images to create cool effects.

To make this more interesting, remove symmetry from the equation. When splitting the images 50% and flipping them, most images will look good.

For a challenge, try a non-symmetrical layout. The first try might not be interesting, but the effort will pay off in the long run.

3 Instagram Layout Tips for Awesome Photo Collages

3. Create Simpler Collages Quickly

Layout is simple yet exhaustive. Spend a couple of minutes in the app and you’ll be surprised with what you can come up with. Just jump into the app, select your images, tap the layout you like, and then tap the Instagram button to post it. It can be that quick and easy.

What Will You Come Up With?

Layout is one of the best collage apps. Despite Instagram’s constraints (square layouts), you can create awesome visuals with it, faster and better than any other app.

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