How to Search On Firefox (From Search, Address Bar) Productively

How to Search On Firefox (From Search, Address Bar) Productively

There is an abundance of information on the internet, making it difficult to find what we need. To search effectively, we must be specific and focused. This involves choosing the right search engine, using proper query strings, and filtering results. Additionally, we can optimize our search by utilizing the browser’s address bar and search bar. This article will provide a set of actions to help you search on Firefox more efficiently. Let’s start with two useful shortcuts: “Ctrl+K” takes you to the search bar, and “Alt+Enter” opens search results in a new tab.

Manage Search Bar

The search bar has a default engine that all queries are sent to. You can change this default and select a different engine from the drop-down menu. The engine currently set is in bold.

To expand the list of available search engines, go to Manage Search Engines > Get more search engines. I recommend trying the Custom Google Search add-on for Firefox. It’s a useful tool for creating and switching between customized Google searches. You may also find our detailed article on creating a custom search engine using Google CSE helpful.

How to Search On Firefox (From Search, Address Bar) Productively

Using Address Bar to Search

Many people prefer using the address bar instead of the search bar. The address bar can also be used to search. You can change the default search engine by following these steps:

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1. Open a new tab and type “about:config” in the address bar.

2. Search for “”

3. Double click on the result and enter the desired search engine name. For example, I have it set to Google.

4. Alternatively, you can search for “keyword.URL” and set the string value for the desired search engine.

Here are some examples of search engine URLs:

– Google:

– Bing:

– Yahoo:

Using Keywords

You may have noticed that in the second picture, I have set “keywords” for Google and Bing. This is important when using the address bar to search instead of the search bar.

For example, if Google is your default search engine but you want to use Bing or Wikipedia, you don’t have to go through the process of changing the settings again. You can simply append the desired keyword before your query string and your search will be redirected accordingly. Just use “Query”.

In the image, Google is set as my default search engine, but the query shows results from Bing. In this case, “B” is the keyword for Bing.

We have covered search bar management in Firefox and using the address bar for productive searching. If you have any additional tricks or think we missed something, let us know in the comments. We welcome your input to further expand our description.

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