How To Search In Evernote Like A Pro – Twothirds.Us

How To Search In Evernote Like A Pro – Twothirds.Us

How To Search In Evernote Like A Pro – Twothirds.Us

If you’re an Evernote power user, you don’t just have a few notes. You have hundreds. Evernote is where you save, archive, and organize every important detail of your life. It can handle text, web pages, PDFs, images, and more.

Evernote organization works in two ways. You can have a single notebook or a stack of notebooks (also known as nested notebooks). Think of them as files and folders for your notes.

To stay organized, use relevant files, folders, and the Tags feature. However, the most powerful tool for extracting information from Evernote is the search bar. It’s just as powerful as the rest of the application.

New Natural Language Search

How To Search In Evernote Like A Pro – Twothirds.Us

Evernote now supports natural language search. So you can search for things like “notes written in Orange County” and it will bring up all the notes you wrote in Orange County.

You can do more with this feature. If you use Siri or Google Now to ask for things, Evernote search will feel right at home. It’s text instead of voice, but the same natural language rules apply.

Search Operators

Evernote, just like Google, supports search operators. These operators are used to perform specific actions in a search. For example, using the operator “tag:IFTTT” will show notes that are tagged as “IFTTT”. Evernote also supports other operators like Notebook, Tag, Contains, Source, Created, Modified, and more.

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How To Search In Evernote Like A Pro – Twothirds.Us

You can input the search operators yourself or choose them from the dropdown menu. Using the menus is time-consuming compared to writing the text. Once you get the hang of it, using the text method becomes second nature.

Negative Operators are operators that hide the result for a particular search. If you’re searching for a specific bill in your multiple year archive, you can use the “-tag” or “-created” operators to hide results from specific months/years or ignore notes created before a specific date. When searching gets tough, always remember negative operators.

Operators You Must Know About

How To Search In Evernote Like A Pro – Twothirds.Us

When typing a 2-3 word query in the Evernote search field, Evernote will search for notes with all the words. However, using the “any:” operator before the search will show notes containing any of the words. For example, “any: recipe Evernote IFTTT”.

If you know a part of the title for a note you’re looking for, you can use the “inTitle:” operator to avoid searching through all the words in your Evernote notebooks. For example, “inTitle: how to code”.

You can use the “created” operator to search for notes created on or after a specific date. To search for notes created before a specific date, use the negative “-created” operator.

To use this search operator, enter the date in YYYYMMDD format (without spaces). For example, if you created the note on April 1, 2014, you would enter “created: 20140401”.

You can also use the “sourceUrl” operator to search for notes or web clippings saved from a specific URL.

Here’s a video from our YouTube channel that discusses Evernote search tips and more.

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More Search

Evernote offers OCR search support, allowing the app to search through scanned PDFs or images with text. However, this feature is exclusive to Evernote Premium customers.

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