How to Save Mobile Data While Using Spotify

How to Save Mobile Data While Using Spotify

A 3-minute song on Spotify can consume 2 megabytes (MB) of mobile data. Although this may not sound significant, streaming music for an hour can consume 40 MB. Now, if you do this for an hour daily over a month, it will consume a total of 1.2 gigabytes (GB) of mobile data. These small increments can lead to substantial consumption when you’re constantly on Spotify.

For those who consistently use up their monthly data allowance or need to conserve data when traveling, this guide is designed specifically for you.

Download Your Music

The best way to save mobile data is by not using it! Spotify Premium allows you to download up to 10,000 songs on each of 5 devices. If you don’t have Spotify Premium or your phone lacks storage, follow the next steps to manage your streaming settings.

Before following these steps, ensure you’re connected to WiFi. Otherwise, the playlists will download using your mobile data.

Step 1: Open the Spotify app and access the playlist(s) you want to download.

Step 2: On iOS, click the download button or go to playlist settings by clicking the ellipsis (…) and selecting download.

Adjust your Settings

Spotify allows you to adjust the song quality. Higher quality songs use more data, similar to watching a video at 1080p instead of 420p. Music works the same way.

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Activate Data Saver

Open your Spotify app and click on the gear-shaped Settings button. In the settings menu, select Data Saver and toggle on Data Saver. If you listen to podcasts, also toggle on Audio-only Podcasts. This ensures that when you play music on your phone, the animated album art (video) will be static, reducing mobile data usage.

These settings give you more control over when to save data and be more liberal with data usage. Step 1: Access your Spotify settings and scroll down to Audio Quality. Click on it.

How to Save Mobile Data While Using Spotify

Step 2: The settings for WiFi Streaming and Cellular Streaming are the first ones you will see. You can leave your WiFi settings on High or Very High streaming to preserve the quality of your songs.

How to Save Mobile Data While Using Spotify

Set your Cellular Streaming settings to Low. Scroll down further, and now we are going to the Optimize Listening setting. Toggle on the Auto Adjust Quality to ensure that your music can still play when you have poor internet bandwidth.

How to Save Mobile Data While Using Spotify

Step 4: Turn off “Download Using Cellular” (Circled above). With this setting off, you won’t accidentally use data when downloading music. The songs will download once connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The Playback Settings let you adjust how your music sounds. You can turn on Crossfades for seamless song blending. Adjusting these settings can enhance your music experience without affecting data usage.

Step 1: Open Spotify Settings and find Playback settings.

How to Save Mobile Data While Using Spotify

The Offline toggle is useful if you can only use downloaded music.

Step 2: Scroll down to the end of the setting and find the Canvas toggle and turn it off. Any visual displayed is a video. It is media and content that is downloaded repeatedly, and over time this data usage adds up.

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How to Save Mobile Data While Using Spotify

Save Data, Stream Music

If you own audio files, save data by uploading your library to Spotify. Reduce data usage by streaming less and lowering stream quality.

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