How to Install New Fonts in Mac OS X

How to Install New Fonts in Mac OS X

Typography greatly enhances the look and feel of anything involving letters, numbers, or characters. Custom fonts can create a great logo and give a more personalized feel to your work. Even changing default fonts on your operating system can create a unique computing experience.

We have already published a tutorial on installing new fonts on Windows. The process is easier on Mac OS X. This guide will show you how to download fonts.

1. Download the Font

There are many free fonts available. Websites like Smashing Magazine have extensive lists of free fonts for personal or commercial use.

How to Install New Fonts in Mac OS X

Here are some neat font collections to check out:

– 80 Newest Free Fonts for Web Graphic Designers

– Font Squirrel

– Behance

– Font Fabric

– 30 New Free High-Quality Fonts

2. Extract the Font

Usually, the font comes in a compressed file. This means you’ll need a program to extract it. I use Stuffit Expander. Once you do that, a new Finder window will open. Double click the font file, and the Font Book application will automatically open.

3. Install the Font

Once the Font Book application opens, you can Install the font.

How to Install New Fonts in Mac OS X

4. Organize your Fonts

Font Book automatically sorts fonts based on default or user installation. This feature lets you easily browse custom installed fonts, making it perfect for typography enthusiasts.

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How to Install New Fonts in Mac OS X

Font Book is located in the Applications folder or can be easily accessed through Spotlight. You don’t have to reopen an application because the font collection updates automatically. For instance, if you have Photoshop open and install a new font, you can immediately select it without restarting Photoshop.

How to Install New Fonts in Mac OS X

Fonts are fun to implement and select. Don’t be afraid to try new fonts for different uses and have fun!

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