How to Disable the Backspace Key Action on Firefox

How to Disable the Backspace Key Action on Firefox

How to Disable the Backspace Key Action on Firefox

If you have experience with keyboards, you’ll know that pressing the backspace key takes you to the previous page on that tab, similar to clicking the browser back button.

This feature can be both useful and annoying. It’s useful because one key stroke can navigate you back (like on Windows), but it can also be annoying because it can lead to mistakes.

Let me provide an example. Imagine you’re filling out a form and you make a typo. When you try to delete the characters with backspace, you accidentally navigate to the previous tab instead. As a result, you lose all the details you’ve entered.

Here’s a cool tip: We have a list of Firefox keyboard shortcuts that you may find useful. Check it out here.

I deactivated that feature in Firefox and no longer worry about mistakes. I don’t miss it because I hardly used it. Here’s how you can do the same.

Steps to Deactivate Firefox Backspace Key Action

We will tweak an entry from Firefox’s about:config preferences list. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Open a Firefox tab and enter about:config in the address bar. Press Enter.

Step 2: A warning message will appear. Don’t worry, click “I’ll be careful”.

Step 3: In the search box at the top of the about:config window, search for “backspace”. You should find an entry called “browser.backspace_action”.

Step 4: The default value for this entry should be 0. Right-click and choose “Modify”, or simply double-click it.

Step 5: On the dialog, change the value to numeric 2 and hit Ok.

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Now, go to any open tab and do a backspace. It won’t work. If you change the value to 1, backspace will work to take you one level up the domain for the open website.

Cool Tip: Keyboard users may not be comfortable with the change because then they will have to use the mouse to navigate to a previous page. Not really, we’ve got two alternatives for you.

Why don’t you try one of these tricks?

– Press Alt +

– Use Shift + Scroll down mouse scroll

I encountered difficulty with the backspace function until I found this about:config preference. While many websites can now preserve form data while navigating, it is advisable to err on the side of caution.

I hope this trick improves your browsing experience. Please explain your reasons for making the switch or, if you prefer, why you want to keep the default behavior.

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