How to Cut and Split Videos on Android (Extract Audio too)

How to Cut and Split Videos on Android (Extract Audio too)

How to Cut and Split Videos on Android (Extract Audio too)

Compressing a video to a size of 12 MB while ensuring it remains enjoyable is a challenge, especially for longer videos. Although this method is suitable for videos that are 5 to 6 minutes long, it is not a perfect solution for longer ones.

Splitting the video into parts and sending them as separate messages seems like a good idea, but there are no dedicated apps available for this task. However, there are apps that allow us to trim and save videos as new files on an SD card. To send large videos via WhatsApp, the only option left is to manually trim and split them into smaller sizes.

To trim videos on Android, you can use AndroVid Video Trimmer. This tool trims videos without compressing the quality, but you may need to compress the original video separately.

AndroVid Video Trimmer

After installing the app, launch it and wait for it to load all the videos on your SD card with their thumbnails. This might take a few minutes depending on the number of videos you have. Tap to select the video you want to edit and start the process.

You have two options. If splitting the video in two parts will solve the problem, you can directly split the video. If not, you will have to manually trim or cut the video. Trimming is also useful for extracting a portion of the video or converting it to MP3 audio.

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How to Cut and Split Videos on Android (Extract Audio too)

Once in splitting mode, position the marker on the video timeline where you want to cut the video, then tap the scissors icon on the top-right corner. The tool will split the video into two parts. After processing, you can choose to replace the original or save them as a new video. The saved video will have the same name with the numbers 1 and 2 suffixed. Repeat the process to split the video further.

How to Cut and Split Videos on Android (Extract Audio too)

When trimming, you need to choose two points – the start and end point – instead of just one to split the video. Once you have made the selection, tap the Cut video icon in the top-right corner to process the video. Similar to splitting, you can decide to replace the original video or create new ones.

Cool Tip: If you only want the audio from the selected video, choose the Cut MP3 option.

An Alternative

How to Cut and Split Videos on Android (Extract Audio too)

VidTrim is a great tool for trimming videos on Android. It allows you to specify the start and end points, but it does not offer advanced options like splitting or extracting audio. If the aforementioned app is causing force close errors, you can give VidTrim a try.


Splitting and cutting or trimming videos on your Android phone, and extracting the audio as MP3, is simple and efficient. This trick, combined with the video compressing method we mentioned earlier, will solve any difficulty you may encounter in fitting your phone videos within the 12 MB limit of WhatsApp or any other tool.

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