How to Create a New Profile in Firefox

How to Create a New Profile in Firefox

When working on Firefox, it saves private data like bookmarks, history, cookies, plugins, and customized user interface settings in a file called “profile.” If you use Firefox on a shared computer, it’s a good idea to create separate profiles for each user.

Profile Manager for Firefox allows you to create and manage multiple profiles, each with its own set of user information. However, this feature is not easily accessible in the browser and requires some technical knowledge to find.

Here’s a guide on how to create and manage multiple profiles in Firefox.

Working On Firefox Profile Manager

Profile Manager is a feature of Firefox and doesn’t require installation of any 3rd party software. Before launching Firefox Profile Manager, ensure you have closed Firefox completely. Type “firefox.exe -ProfileManager” in the Windows Run Command box and press enter.

The Profile Manager displays all your current Firefox profiles, with options to Create, Delete, or Rename profiles.

To create a new profile, click the Create Profile button and follow the wizard. Enter your desired profile name and the folder location where you want to store your Firefox personal data, such as settings and preferences. Click finish when done.

How to Create a New Profile in Firefox

The new profile will be listed in the Profile Manager immediately. If you need to rename a profile in the future, select the desired profile from the list, press the rename button, provide the new profile name, and press ok.

How to Create a New Profile in Firefox

To delete a profile, select it and press the delete button. You can choose to keep the profile data files on your computer or delete all related files. Keeping data saved under a profile also helps with backups and restoration. To switch to a different Firefox profile, close Firefox, open the profile manager, select the desired profile, and click “Start Firefox” to open that profile. Create separate profiles for work and play, or for secured transactions without add-ons or plugins.

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