How to Configure DD-WRT Advanced Settings on Routers

How to Configure DD-WRT Advanced Settings on Routers

Routers, often overlooked devices in households, are typically set up once by either the homeowner or an internet technician and then left idle in a corner or under a table. Manufacturers have recently started adding additional features such as cloud sync, downloader, and torrent support, but these are usually available only in the mid to high-priced range. Despite this, lower-priced routers are still capable of performing various functions.

DD-WRT is open-source firmware for routers, developed to enhance software features and stability of 150n devices. In this article, we will discuss the advanced features offered by DD-WRT and how to utilize them.

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Before we begin, please ensure that you:

– Familiarize yourself with network-related terms such as IP address and DNS by reading our explainers.

– Have DD-WRT installed and running on your router. If your router does not support DD-WRT or you are unwilling to go through the installation process, check if your manufacturer’s stock firmware offers similar features.

– Have alternate internet access available for quick troubleshooting.

– Back up your router’s current settings. Most routers have a feature that allows you to download a backup file for restoring settings, usually found in the Administration/Management settings menu.

MAC Filtering

Wireless > MAC filter

Every network device has a unique MAC address for identification. Laptops, mobiles, desktop PCs, and routers all have a unique MAC address assigned to them. MAC filtering filters devices based on their MAC addresses. Here, MAC filtering is used for the wireless network. It allows or denies connection to devices whose MAC address is entered in the filtering list.

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How to Configure DD-WRT Advanced Settings on Routers

The settings in the image above are self-explanatory. To modify MAC addresses, click on “Edit MAC Filter List”. This will open a new window where you can enter MAC addresses in a table. You can add up to 256 addresses, which should be more than enough for power users.

How to Configure DD-WRT Advanced Settings on Routers

DHCP Address Reservation

Services > DHCP Server

Every device on a network has a unique identity in the form of a MAC address. It is also assigned an IP address, which serves as its network address. DHCP is a service that assigns IP addresses to network devices, ensuring that no two devices receive the same address and avoiding conflicts. However, these addresses are temporary and are assigned to devices for a set period known as a lease.

How to Configure DD-WRT Advanced Settings on Routers

DHCP Address reservation assigns permanent IP addresses to frequently connected devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This is useful for services like Remote Desktop and FTP that require known IP addresses. To assign a permanent address to a device, go to “static leases,” enter the device’s MAC address, choose a hostname for identification, and specify the desired IP address.

Website Blocking

Access restrictions, specifically WAN access, is a topic of utmost importance. It is crucial to choose the right settings to ensure security and efficiency. Understanding how to configure these settings can be a complex task, but with the right guidance, it can be made simpler.

When configuring WAN access, there are several factors to keep in mind. Firstly, it is essential to consider the needs of your organization. This includes the number of users that will require access and the level of security that is necessary. Additionally, the type of WAN connection that you have will also impact the configuration process.

One of the key considerations when it comes to WAN access is the use of access control lists (ACLs). ACLs allow you to control which devices can access your network and what permissions they have. By implementing ACLs, you can restrict access to sensitive data and prevent unauthorized users from compromising your network.

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Overall, the configuration of WAN access involves a careful balance of security and convenience. It is important to implement access restrictions that protect your network while still allowing authorized users to connect. This will help ensure that your network remains secure and that your organization can operate efficiently.

In conclusion, WAN access is a critical aspect of network security and efficiency. By understanding the key considerations and implementing the appropriate settings, you can optimize the access to your network and protect your organization’s sensitive data.

How to Configure DD-WRT Advanced Settings on Routers

This feature blocks certain websites by entering their addresses (URLs) or using specific keywords. You can also block certain applications by selecting them from a predefined list or adding a custom entry. For example, you can block anything related to torrents on the network.

Wake on LAN

This feature applies to Desktop PCs. When you enable wake on LAN, you can remotely start any PC connected to the router’s LAN ports by sending a magic packet. Select a host that is already connected to the router by ticking the check box under the “Enable WOL” column for the available hosts.

How to Configure DD-WRT Advanced Settings on Routers

To customize an entry, enter the PC’s details and click on the desired option. To wake up a PC, open the router’s interface, go to the WOL page, and click the button next to the PC’s name.

Remote Router Access

Administration > Management > Web Access

To access your router, simply type and hit enter. However, this method only works within your home network. To access your router from anywhere, you must enable remote access settings and obtain your router’s external IP address, which is assigned by your ISP.

How to Configure DD-WRT Advanced Settings on Routers

DDNS simplifies your router’s address, replacing a complex string of numbers with a single address that is easier to remember. Follow our guide to set up DDNS and access your router from outside your network by entering the DDNS address or external IP address with the port number.

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Quality of Service

Quality of Service, or QoS, is a term used to control device and internet connection speeds. Prioritization can be based on packet type, application type, and MAC address. To adjust QoS settings, enable it by selecting “Start QoS.”

How to Configure DD-WRT Advanced Settings on Routers

Divided into three sections, Interface Priority, Services Priority & MAC Priority. We will only be using MAC Priority as the others are complex to set up. The prioritization is divided into five categories, Maximum, Premium, Express, Standard.

For instance, if you primarily use your iPad for HD video streaming, set the MAC address of your iPad as the top priority. Similarly, gamers should set the MAC address of their PC as the top priority.

In addition to priority, you can also set fixed download and upload speeds for each MAC address.

Closing Thoughts

DDWRT has many features beyond what we discussed in this article. We used a basic 150n router, but higher models offer additional features like remote downloader, dual band configuration, MIMO, beam forming, etc. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions in our discussion forums.

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