How to Close Apps on Apple Watch (watchOS 10 Updated)

How to Close Apps on Apple Watch (watchOS 10 Updated)

WatchOS 10 has removed the convenience of closing recently opened apps through the side button. If you haven’t noticed, try pressing the side button on your Apple Watch. Can’t see the recent apps dock? Don’t worry, this guide will demonstrate how to close apps on your Apple Watch after updating to watchOS 10.

How to Close Apps on Apple Watch (watchOS 10 Updated)

I’m sure you have many questions. Does closing background apps improve your watch’s battery life? Why is it important to close recent applications? Can you clear open tabs without the side button? In this explainer, we will answer all of your questions. Keep reading.

Should You Close Background Apps on Apple Watch

The watchOS 10 made significant changes to closing running apps, but it’s important to shut down background applications. Background apps can impact your watch’s battery life. If your battery takes a couple of hours to go from 100% to 0%, having apps in the background will cause quicker drain.

How to Close Apps on Apple Watch (watchOS 10 Updated)

Leaving apps running in the background impacts the performance of your Apple Watch by occupying RAM and slowing it down, making tasks take longer. Opening new apps also takes longer due to congestion caused by already open apps.

Closing running apps on watchOS 10 is easy. The new update moved away from the side button to launch recent applications, causing some users to struggle. Here’s how to shut background apps on watchOS 10:

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1. Unlock your Apple Watch if you have a passcode. Then, double-press the digital crown on the side of your watch.

How to Close Apps on Apple Watch (watchOS 10 Updated)

Step 2: Now, you can see the recent apps dock on your screen. Swipe left on the app you wish to close and tap the red X icon to close it.

How to Close Apps on Apple Watch (watchOS 10 Updated) How to Close Apps on Apple Watch (watchOS 10 Updated)

By using the above method, you can easily close recent apps on the Apple Watch without the side button. Note that you can close one application at a time with this method. After closing one app, swipe left to close other apps in the background dock.

If your Apple Watch is still slow, restart it or uninstall apps to free up storage.

There is no official method to force-shut or force-quit Apple Watch apps, but there is a workaround. When the app you want to quit is open, long-press the side button until the Emergency SOS screen appears. Then, press and hold the digital crown until the app closes and the watch face appears. That’s it!

FAQs for Closing Apps on Apple Watch

1. Is it possible to remap the side button to open the recent applications dock?

No. watchOS 10 does not allow remapping of the side button for opening the recent apps dock.

2. Can I close all apps on my Apple Watch simultaneously?

No. Apple Watch does not provide an option to close all background apps at once. You can follow the procedure mentioned above to open the recent apps dock. Swipe left to close each tab individually. To prevent a buildup of background apps, it is recommended to close tabs after use.

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3. Can you force close apps on Apple Watch?

Apple does not provide an official method to force close or quit apps on Apple Watch.

Shew Unwanted Apps Away

Unwanted apps can slow down your Apple Watch and drain the battery. To optimize its performance, shut down background applications. Although the traditional side button no longer opens the recent apps’ dock, you can use the digital crown instead.

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