How to Change Wallpaper Automatically on Mac

How to Change Wallpaper Automatically on Mac

macOS has stunning wallpapers to choose from. Keeping the same wallpaper everyday can be boring. You can change the desktop picture from the System Settings. Repeating this chore everyday is tedious. Instead, you can make your Mac change the wallpaper automatically at regular intervals.

There are a few ways to change wallpaper automatically on Mac. You can use the default System Settings app or a third-party wallpaper app. But first, create a folder of your favorite pictures and set it to auto-rotate from the System Settings.

Create a Wallpaper Folder on Mac

To create a folder of wallpapers on Mac, you can use either the default Photos app or the Finder menu. Simply gather all the images you want to use and save them in a local folder.

Photos App on Mac

Syncing your iPhone or iPad photos to iCloud allows you to access them from the default Photos app on your Mac. Here’s how:

1. Open the Photos app on Mac.

2. Select photos and right-click (or two-finger click on a touchpad).

3. Expand ‘Add to’ in the context menu and choose ‘New Album’. Give it a relevant name.

Finder App on Mac

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To organize your photos on a Mac, follow these steps:

1. Open Finder.

2. Right-click on the selected photos.

3. Choose ‘New Folder with Selection’ and give the folder a name. Press Enter to finish creating the folder.

How to Change Wallpaper Automatically on Mac

Automatically Change Wallpapers on Mac

Creating a pictures folder on Mac allows you to automate wallpapers. Here are the steps:

1. Press Command + Space to open Spotlight Search.

2. Search for System Settings and press return.

3. Scroll to Wallpaper and expand the ‘Add Photo Album’ menu.

How to Change Wallpaper Automatically on Mac

Step 4: Select your newly created folder and check all the pictures from the same menu.

How to Change Wallpaper Automatically on Mac

Step 5: Click ‘Auto-Rotate,’ and the system will change the desktop wallpaper on your Mac.

How to Change Wallpaper Automatically on Mac

Step 6: To change the auto-rotate frequency, expand the ‘Change picture’ menu and select the cycle.

How to Change Wallpaper Automatically on Mac

You can auto-change wallpaper when logging in or waking your Mac from sleep. macOS lets you change wallpaper randomly from a folder. If you want to import wallpapers from the Finder app, click ‘Add Folder’ to open Finder. Select a folder and set all pictures to auto-rotate as wallpaper on your Mac.

How to Change Wallpaper Automatically on Mac

Set Dynamic Desktop Wallpapers

Any Mac running macOS Mojave or later can choose a dynamic wallpaper from System Settings. The desktop picture changes throughout the day based on your location. For example, the wallpaper will be bright in the morning and dark in the evening or at night.

Step 1: Click the Apple Menu and select System Settings on your Mac.

Step 2: Select Wallpaper. Then, choose a wallpaper under the Dynamic Desktop section and make sure to select Dynamic.

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How to Change Wallpaper Automatically on Mac

In macOS Ventura, Apple provides nine dynamic wallpapers.

Use 24 Hour Wallpaper App

24 Hour Wallpaper is a top-notch wallpaper app for Mac. It includes 100+ stunning wallpapers in various categories such as nature, cityscape, and beaches. The wallpapers are synchronized with your time and location throughout the day. The app provides all images in 5K resolution, ensuring sharp visuals on both MacBook and desktop.

How to Change Wallpaper Automatically on Mac

The app integrates with the system wallpaper and performs efficiently, minimizing CPU, GPU, and battery usage. 24 Hour Wallpaper is available for a one-time payment of $10. You can access the app and make changes from the Mac menu bar. Additionally, 24 Hour Wallpaper enables offline picture downloads for wallpaper changes without an internet connection.

Freshen Up Your Mac with New Wallpapers

You don’t need to settle with the same wallpaper while working. Using the Wallpaper menu or third-party apps, you can automatically change wallpapers on Mac. How do you decorate your Mac desktop? Share your preference below.

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