How to Change Trackpad Sensitivity on a Mac

How to Change Trackpad Sensitivity on a Mac

When using your Mac for the first time, the trackpad settings may not have the right sensitivity. This issue can ruin your user experience.

How to Change Trackpad Sensitivity on a Mac

To change the sensitivity settings of your Mac trackpad, your Mac offers customization options. Making these tweaks is simple, and we’ll guide you through each step. Continue reading to learn how to adjust your Mac or MacBook trackpad sensitivity settings, and find tips on force touch and using the magic trackpad.

How to Change Tracking Speed

Whether you have noticed it or not, the mouse pointer on your Mac may have become slow over time. To speed up or slow down the trackpad, simply follow these steps:

1. Click on the Apple logo in the top left-hand corner of your computer.

2. Go to System Preferences.

3. Find Trackpad. It is located in the first row of the lighter grey background, approximately halfway down the window.

Step 4: Go to the bottom of the Point and Click window, where you’ll find an area called Tracking speed. Its position will vary depending on your Mac model; in some cases, it’s at the bottom by itself, while in others, it’s closer to the middle next to an option called Click. Step 5: Depending on whether you want to increase or decrease your trackpad speed, scroll left (to slow down) or right (to speed up).

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Macbook devices now feature the Force Touch trackpad, which enables you to easily control a wide range of functions. This includes updating your calendar and controlling video playback with precision. To activate Force Touch on your trackpad, follow these steps:

1. Open System Preferences and navigate to the Trackpad settings window.

2. In the Point & Click tab, locate the box next to Force Click and haptic feedback at the bottom.

3. If you had previously enabled this option, check the box to turn it on. The changes will take effect immediately.

Apple has made Force Touch available on iPhone and Apple Watch. Not available on MacBook Air models before 2018.

Turning off Your Mac’s Trackpad When Using Magic Trackpad

If you’re really into Mac gadgets, you might have bought a Magic Trackpad. It works the same as your computer’s built-in trackpad, but it’s bigger and easier to use for some people.

When using the Magic Trackpad, you may not want your Mac’s built-in trackpad to disrupt your workflow. Luckily, you can turn it off. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to System Preferences. Instead of Trackpad, click Accessibility.

How to Change Trackpad Sensitivity on a Mac

Step 2: Scroll down to Pointer Control, underneath the Motor subsection.

How to Change Trackpad Sensitivity on a Mac

Step 3: Look for the box next to ‘Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is present.’ Tick this to turn the feature on.

Once you’ve done this, connect your Magic Trackpad and check if changing these settings has made a difference.

How to Change Scrolling Speed

When using your Mac, you’ll find yourself scrolling a lot, especially if you use Safari. Changing your tracking speed and altering how quickly your computer scrolls can be done by following these steps:

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Step 1: In Accessibility, go to Pointer Control and click on the Trackpad Options tab at the bottom of your window.

How to Change Trackpad Sensitivity on a Mac

Step 2: At the top, move the pointer to either the left or right – depending on whether you want to speed up or slow down.

How to Change Trackpad Sensitivity on a Mac

Tweak Trackpad’s Sensitivity

If you’ve been wondering how to change the Mouse settings on your Mac, these tips will help you tackle sensitivity issues. And should you decide to change them again later, you can do so as many times as you’d like.

Now that you have these tips, you can customize the trackpad settings on your computer with more ease than before.

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