How to Change the Default Email Client (Mailto) on Windows 8

How to Change the Default Email Client (Mailto) on Windows 8

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“I use audio and video and MS Outlook as my email client. Since Outlook is my default choice, all my contact information and associated details are stored in it. Therefore, I prefer to use Outlook for sending and receiving emails.”

“However, this is not the case with Windows 8. The default email client is the Mail app. So, when clicking on a mailto link, it navigates to the Mail app. This behavior is unwanted, but we will learn how to change it today.”

Steps to Configure Default Email Client

The basic requirement is that you must have the software installed on your machine before you begin. If you do not have it yet, install one.

Step 1: Hit Windows + W to open the Settings Search screen. Type Default Programs in the search box and choose Default Programs.

Step 2: On the next window, click on the link Associate a file type or a protocol with a program. That will open the Set Associations window.

How to Change the Default Email Client (Mailto) on Windows 8

Step 3: Scroll down the programs list until you find the Protocols section. Then locate MAILTO and double click to set your preference.

How to Change the Default Email Client (Mailto) on Windows 8

Step 4: When you do that you will be presented with a list of programs that allow the protocol action. You may also search for an app from the Store.

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Step 5: Choose the one you wish to set as your default. For me it is Outlook desktop email client.

Step 6: Back on the Set Associations window, verify if things have been set accordingly. Check the Current Default against MAILTO option.

How to Change the Default Email Client (Mailto) on Windows 8

That’s it. You have modified the default email client on Windows 8 for all mailto actions. If you choose a browser like Chrome as the default email client, it’s interesting. A browser will have its own mailto default, so you may be navigated to the Mail app if the settings direct it that way. Make sure to change the browser settings and set the web service that suits you best.

Help: We have a guide that can help you set the default email client on Firefox and Internet Explorer. Check it out if needed.

I hope this setup relieves you from the pain of the Mail app showing as the default email client. There are more ways to disable or get rid of the Mail app. For now, changing the default should help. Let us know if you have more tricks for such scenarios. It may help our audience. Or ask us if you need something specific. We would be glad to find a solution.

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