How to Change App Icons on Mac

How to Change App Icons on Mac

Unlike iOS, there are no strict guidelines for app icons on Mac. Apple changed the behavior with macOS Big Sur update, trying to bring uniformity among app icons on Mac. However, even after a year of Big Sur, some big names like WhatsApp, Spotify, Skype, and many others have yet to change their app logo. You can easily change app icons on Mac and refresh Mac Dock and Apps menu.

The customization options work differently on macOS compared to iOS. On iPhone, users need to choose app icons from the app. You can’t download an app icon from the web and implement it on iPhone.

However, that’s not the case with Mac. With macOS, developers can’t offer different app icons to change the logo. Instead, you need to use the web to download and apply icons. Without wasting time, let’s find good app icons for your favorite apps and apply a fresh avatar to the app.

Find App Icons from the Web

There are two scenarios here. The app developer designs different app icons and puts them on the official website to download. Very few developers follow this. So you’ll have to rely on third-party icon packs.

Before you change app icons on Mac, you need to download them on your Mac. But where do you find them?

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Using the web sources below, you can find different app icons, styles, colors, and shapes for your preferred app on macOS.

The first source is our favorite one, and we mostly rely on it to download app icons for macOS.


macOSicons is a dedicated website that offers over 7000 Mac app icons. Visitors can search for any app icon using the search bar at the top. The app showcases relevant suggestions from different designers based on the database. The most popular icons are at the top with the number of downloads mentioned. Simply click on an icon to download it onto your Mac. No sign-up or paid subscription required. Change your Mac app icons easily by searching and downloading your favorites. Other popular websites for icons include Icons8 and Flaticons.

Change App Icons on Mac

Once you’ve downloaded the necessary app icons on your Mac, follow these steps to change them:

1. Go to your Mac Dock and open the Finder menu.

2. Select Applications.

3. Choose the app you want to customize.

4. Right-click and select Get Info.

How to Change App Icons on Mac

Step 5: Keep the Get Info window open.

Step 6: Move to the downloaded app icons in the Finder menu.

Step 7: Select the app icon you want and drag it to the Get Info menu’s original app icon. Drop the icon, and you will see a new icon applied.

How to Change App Icons on Mac

Opening the app again will instantly reveal the new icon in the Dock and Applications menu. However, there is one limitation: if you update the app from the Mac App Store or the in-app menu, the customized icon will be replaced with the original one. In that case, you would need to repeat the steps to reapply the custom icon. To ensure easy access, it is recommended to create a local folder to store all your custom app icons.

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How to Remove Custom App Icon on Mac

If you don’t like the changed app icon, you can easily remove it. Open Finder > Application, locate the app, right-click on it, and select Get Info. Then, click on the app icon and press Delete to remove the custom icon.

How to Change App Icons on Mac

Change Mac Aesthetics

Mac users who are detail-oriented will find the option to change app icons on their devices highly useful. This feature not only allows you to personalize your Mac Dock, but also ensures consistency that may be lacking with the default app icons. Which app icons do you intend to modify on your Mac? Share your choices in the comments section.

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