How to Bulk Unfriend Inactive Facebook Friends

How to Bulk Unfriend Inactive Facebook Friends

I deleted friends using Facebook’s built-in technique, but realized it would take forever to remove the large number of friends on my list. However, I found a workaround that allowed me to quickly remove 300 friends in just a few minutes, which was not possible with Facebook’s default unfriending method. Let’s see how I managed to bulk unfriend some of my Facebook friends. First, we’ll look at how to delete friends without using scripts, and then we’ll learn how to bulk unfriend them.

Deleting or Unfriend-ing a Few Friends

If you want to remove a few friends, go to your Friends page and remove them individually. Hover over the friend and select Unfriend. Confirm the action to delete them from your friends list. However, if the contact is still your subscriber, they will still see your public updates, profile, and cover photo.

How to Bulk Unfriend Inactive Facebook Friends

To remove a friend on Facebook, use the activity log. Open your Facebook activity log from the Timeline, filter it to only show “Friends,” and click “delete friend” next to each accept friendship event.

How to Bulk Unfriend Inactive Facebook Friends

That’s how you can easily unfriend someone on Facebook. However, if you want to remove multiple friends at once, Facebook’s options aren’t user-friendly, so we need an alternative solution. Here’s one that works with the latest Facebook Timeline View. Note: We’ll use a User Script for this trick, which works on most browsers. I used Firefox for this example.

Step 1: To complete the task, you need to install a custom user script on Firefox browser using the Greasemonkey plugin. First, install the plugin from the Firefox Add-on section and then restart your browser. Afterward, open the Delete Facebook Friends script page.

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Step 2: On the script page, click the install button. If Greasemonkey is already installed, it will detect and install the script automatically.

How to Bulk Unfriend Inactive Facebook Friends

Cool Tip: Scroll down and fully load friends before deleting them. The script will automatically delete selected friends and keep the activity hidden on your Timeline.


This is a concise guide to removing friends on Facebook. If you have any additional tips for deleting friends, feel free to share them in the comments.

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