How to Bulk Delete Slack Files to Free Space

How to Bulk Delete Slack Files to Free Space

Slack users on the free plan often face storage issues when sharing images and gifs. The 5GB storage quickly fills up, resulting in the inability to upload new files without deleting old ones. However, collaboration doesn’t have to suffer due to this limitation.

How to Bulk Delete Slack Files to Free Space

Slack lacks a built-in method to remove all shared files, but there is a helpful workaround called Deletron. It allows you to view and delete old files. Let’s take a closer look at how Deletron works.

What is Slack Deletron?

Slack Deletron is an open source tool developed by Toronto-based developer Drew Minns. It uses the Slack API to determine available files for deletion. While team members can only remove files they have shared, admins can delete public files.

Since the tool isn’t developed by Slack, you might be worried about privacy. The good folks at Reddit have checked the code and found it safe. Plus, you can revoke access anytime (which we’ll see later).

What Are the Supported File Types?

Deletron supports various file types, including PDFs and images. You can also filter and proceed based on the file type.

How to Use Deletron

To review a text and eliminate redundant words or phrases, follow these steps:

1. Log into Deletron with your Slack ID to authorize access to your profile, files, and comments.

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2. Click on the Channels drop-down menu in the far-left corner to select a specific channel for file removal. Alternatively, choose All Channels to include private channels.

3. Set the desired date range and file types, then click the “Get File” button to view all files that meet the search criteria. The top bar will show the number of files and their total space usage.

How to Bulk Delete Slack Files to Free Space

Step 3: Now it’s time to delete them. Previously there was a button to delete all the files at once. However, Slack has limited the number of concurrent requests made by APIs to their server. To put it simply, you’d have to delete the files one by one.

Slack has limited the number of concurrent requests that can be made by an API.

Here, you might argue that what’s the point? I might as well delete them on Slack. And you are partly right. But Deletron gives you the advantage of sorting the files according to date and size. This way, you can make room for the new ones by removing the larger files first. Win-win, if you ask me.

How to Bulk Delete Slack Files to Free Space

Now, you just need to sort the list and tap Delete. The task can be repetitive, but the message at the bottom is a motivator.

How to Revoke Permissions for Deletron

The tool doesn’t store your profile or workspace information. It’s good practice to revoke permissions for unused apps. You can never be sure about privacy and security these days.

To do so, go to Slack, tap on Apps, and search for Deletron. Select it to add it to your Slack window.

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How to Bulk Delete Slack Files to Free Space

Now, tap Settings to open the configuration page.

How to Bulk Delete Slack Files to Free Space

To delete a message, just scroll down and click on the trash can icon. That’s all you need to do. You’re done!

How to Check the Space Usage

You should review the space usage by clicking on Workspace and selecting Analytics.

How to Bulk Delete Slack Files to Free Space

That will open a new tab in your browser to show the number of messages sent and the file storage status. However, this count is for your entire workspace.

This is how we can delete unnecessary files from Slack and reclaim storage space. I wish Slack offered a more natural option to delete all unwanted files at once. It would also be helpful to have the ability to remove files from private channels. Hopefully, there will be some upgrades soon.

What additional options would you like to see in Slack? And do you have any handy tips to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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