How to Bookmark Multiple Video Positions in KMPlayer

How to Bookmark Multiple Video Positions in KMPlayer

Recently, we explored how to save the playback position in Windows Media Player. KMPlayer’s “Remember Last Played” option enables the same functionality. When enabled, the player will resume at the previous location even if closed. To activate this feature, right-click on the player while the video is running and select “Playback.”

Additionally, KMPlayer offers another useful feature called “Bookmarks/Chapters” that goes beyond just playback. Let’s take a closer look at its potential.

We bookmark web pages to return later easily. The bookmark feature here works similarly. While playing a video, we can bookmark any location and easily return to it. Additionally, we can create multiple bookmarks on the same video in one instance.

To create a bookmark, press the “P” key at the desired time. Alternatively, right-click on the player and go to “Bookmarks/Chapters,” then click “Add to bookmarks.”

How to Bookmark Multiple Video Positions in KMPlayer

There are additional options in this menu to edit, remove, or toggle bookmarks. When you add a bookmark, it will appear on the list. Clicking on a bookmark will restart the video (from the bookmarked point).

If you have selected “Auto delete when selected,” the bookmark you click on from the list will disappear. If you want to keep bookmarks for future viewing, leave this option unchecked.

To remove or edit bookmarks, open the “Bookmark Editor” window. Here, you can delete or add new bookmarks.

How to Bookmark Multiple Video Positions in KMPlayer

If you choose to edit any of those, you can name it easy to identify. For example, I have named one as “Test.”

Alt + PgUp and Alt + PgDn and their associated options are self-explanatory and require no further explanation.

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Next time you find something interesting on a video, bookmark it. Share the frames with your friends to enhance your movie-watching experiences.

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