How to Blur Background in WhatsApp Video Calls on iPhone and Android

How to Blur Background in WhatsApp Video Calls on iPhone and Android

In the post-pandemic world, video calls are important. However, there are situations where we have a video call but are unsure if the background is suitable. While background blur is available on Zoom or Google Meet, it is also possible to blur the background in a WhatsApp video call.

How to Blur Background in WhatsApp Video Calls on iPhone and Android

When it comes to blurring the background during WhatsApp video calls, you won’t find the feature in the settings menu. However, you can still achieve this effect using external workarounds. In this article, we will guide you through the process of blurring the background on an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone, and highlight the requirements. Let’s get started.

How to Blur WhatsApp Video Call Background on iPhone

You can blur the background of your WhatsApp video call from the Control Center on iPhone. However, you must be on a video call to use this feature.

Note: You need an iPhone XR or later (including SE 2nd generation and later) running iOS 15 or above.

Step 1: While on a WhatsApp video call, swipe down from the top-right corner to open the Control Center.

Step 2: Tap Effects.

Step 3: Tap the Portrait icon to turn it on.

This will blur your WhatsApp background and focus only on your face. Now, let’s see how you can add this effect on WhatsApp for Android.

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Blur Background for WhatsApp Video Calls on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Unfortunately, this feature is not available on devices other than Samsung. There is no workaround, and we hope WhatsApp adds the background blur feature in a future update.

But if you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, you are covered. Here’s how to blur the background on a WhatsApp video call on a Samsung Galaxy device.

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Step 2: Scroll down and select Advanced Features.

Step 3: Turn on the toggle for Video call effects and select it to open the settings menu.

Step 4: There are options to add background effects to your WhatsApp video call. You can add a background color or image.

This feature on Samsung Galaxy devices supports all video call apps. In the image above, it supports Google Meet and WhatsApp, preventing you from going to the settings menu of every video-calling app to blur the background.

That’s how you blur the background for a WhatsApp video call on iPhone and Android. If you have more questions about WhatsApp video calls, check the FAQ section below.

FAQs on WhatsApp Video Calls

1. No, WhatsApp beta does not have a feature to blur the background on video calls.

2. Yes, WhatsApp video calls are secure as they are end-to-end encrypted.

3. There is no feature on WhatsApp to record video calls, but third-party screen recording apps can be used to record video on WhatsApp video calls.

Stay in Focus

We have all attempted video calls in various locations like the kitchen, restaurant, park, or busy street where the background can be distracting. This feature to blur the background on WhatsApp video calls will be useful. WhatsApp, please add this feature for all Android users.

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