How to Block Telemarketers in India

How to Block Telemarketers in India

I’m sure you have received such a call at least once, and at the most inappropriate time.

How to Block Telemarketers in India

Telemarketers are like unsolicited emails for mobile users, especially in India, due to lax regulations and poor enforcement. India is also a major source of spam calls and emails. With the growing popularity of social media, Indians are sharing more without considering data privacy. To address this issue, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) established a Do-Not-Disturb (DND) list to block these calls. However, even with their numbers enrolled, many people still receive unwanted calls.

Many people still receive calls from telemarketers, even though they have not provided their phone numbers. In this article, we will explore how to efficiently stop these unwanted calls using a guide from Reddit user in3po.

Register on DND List

The first step is to register your mobile number in the DND list. If you haven’t already, you can’t report telemarketers if your number is not registered. You can register either by sending an SMS or calling 1909.

How to Block Telemarketers in India

One can block telemarketers from specific categories like Tourism or Financial. Send the code to block spams from that category (0 to block all). Once your number is registered, you’ll receive a confirmation message. The categories of telemarketers that you can block are:

1. Banking/Financial Products/Insurance/Credit cards

2. Real Estate

3. Education

4. Health

5. Consumer Goods and Automobiles

6. Entertainment/Broadcasting/Communication/IT

7. Tourism and Leisure

Even after registration, you may receive a rogue SMS or call from a telemarketer who doesn’t care about the law. According to commentators on the original Reddit thread, Myntra, Easemytrip, and FIIT-JEE are repeat offenders. To report such callers, send an SMS to 1909 in the format shown below.

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How to Block Telemarketers in India

You can use the TRAI’s DND 2.0 app to report unwanted SMSes. The app reads your messages and lets you choose the specific one you want to report. The app has usability issues and has a rating of 2.5 on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, iOS users cannot use the DND app because it violates Apple App Store policies.

Your phone operator must report these numbers to the TRAI. Upon reporting a number, you will receive a confirmation SMS with an SR number and an ETA for resolution.

Your operator will then forward the SR number and the offending number to the TRAI for action. The TRAI will then address the network operator of the offending number and either fine or terminate it.

Take It Up with the Service

Many marketers don’t comply with these rules or find a way around by changing the numbers frequently. To deal with them, send an email to the customer care of the service they are advertising.

How to Block Telemarketers in India

The email should mention that you will report the fraudsters to the TRAI. This usually works for some but not all. Blocking is not an option as the numbers mostly carry the AK-XXX or the AD-XXX format used by bulk SMS-sending services. The most effective way to prevent this is not to give your number to unreliable websites.

Many of us don’t prioritize privacy. Have you ever declined to provide your contact information at a store? When you give your phone number to a supermarket staff member, it often ends up on a telemarketer’s list.

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How to Block Telemarketers in India

Going through the hassle for a 5% discount. Spare a thought before giving your contact information to salesperson.

The DND list was introduced a while ago but is only now receiving attention after the DND 2.0 app was released. Telemarketers, spam emails, and other unsolicited communication are becoming more intrusive. The constant leak of personal data makes it easier for fraudulent marketers to access your details.

How to Block Telemarketers in India

Next time you receive such a call, ask the caller where they got your number and let them know you’ll report them to the TRAI. If the pestering continues, take any of the measures mentioned above. Hopefully, we will have a better system to block unwanted calls and texts in the future. Was this article helpful? Share your views and doubts in the comments.

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