How to Block Cryptominers, Fingerprinters, and Trackers in Firefox (Without Extensions)

How to Block Cryptominers, Fingerprinters, and Trackers in Firefox (Without Extensions)

No matter where you go online, you may be tracked via profiling of your browsing activity. This is typically done with scripts and cookies placed by websites or advertising networks. The result is targeted ads and potential data sales.

How to Block Cryptominers, Fingerprinters, and Trackers in Firefox (Without Extensions)

Most sites use fingerprinting scripts, which track and identify you using device-specific information. Additionally, sketchy sites deploy cryptocurrency mining scripts that cause performance issues. In this perspective, the internet is a minefield of scripts. Firefox is a savior with built-in tracking protection and the ability to block fingerprinters and cryptominers.

Before you proceed, please update Firefox to the latest version. You need Firefox v.67.0 or higher for the instructions below to work. To update, open the Firefox menu, click Help, and then click About Firefox.

Content Blocking with Firefox

Firefox has built-in tracking protection for a while now, and it’s enabled in Private windows by default. To block trackers while browsing in normal windows, manually configure the Content Blocking settings within Firefox.

With the Firefox version 67.0 update, you can now block fingerprinting and cryptocurrency mining scripts natively.

Step 1: Open the Firefox menu, then click Options.

How to Block Cryptominers, Fingerprinters, and Trackers in Firefox (Without Extensions)

Step 2: Click Privacy & Security in the Options panel. Under Content Blocking, select Custom.

Step 3: Within Firefox, you will find various content blocking options. Start by checking the box next to Trackers and choose “In All Windows” from the dropdown menu. This blocks tracking scripts in both regular and private browsing.

Note: You can also block third-party tracking cookies by checking the box next to Cookies.

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The pull-down menu lets you increase the level of cookie-blocking – cookies from unvisited websites, all third-party cookies, or all cookies in general. However, these will likely break most sites. Stick with the default setting.

Check the boxes next to Cryptominers and Fingerprinters to disable cryptocurrency mining and fingerprinting scripts.

Blocking cryptominers prevents your desktop’s resources from being used for mining, improving performance and reducing power consumption. Stopping fingerprinting scripts prevents device-specific information from being used for identification.

Once you are done, click Reload All Tabs to apply your content blocking preferences.

Whenever Firefox detects and blocks content on a site, you will see a shield-shaped icon in the URL bar’s upper-left corner. Click it to see what Firefox has blocked: trackers, third-party tracking cookies, fingerprinters, or cryptominers. You can also click on an item to see the full list of scripts or cookies that Firefox is blocking.

How to Block Cryptominers, Fingerprinters, and Trackers in Firefox (Without Extensions)

Whenever you block trackers, you also disable most advertisements on websites, which improves page loading times. Consider whitelisting sites that you trust to show your support. Many sites, including this one, rely on ads to sustain operations. To do this, click the shield-shaped icon and select Turn Off Blocking for This Site. You may also need to turn off content blocking for specific banking sites or secure login portals, as they may use fingerprinting scripts along with cookies to recognize you on future visits.

To manage exceptions, go back to the Privacy & Security section of the Firefox Options panel and use the Manage Exceptions button in the Content Blocking area to view a list of whitelisted sites.

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Keep It Up, Mozilla!

Mozilla has been improving privacy and convenience with various features and products. They have introduced password management, secure file sharing, and autoplay video blocking. Integrated controls are also available to block cryptominers and fingerprinters. As a result, Firefox is on track to become one of the top user-centered browsers. Keep up the good work!

Next up, Mozilla has a privacy-centric browser for Android and iOS called Firefox Focus. Find out how it compares to the regular Firefox.

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