How to Block Cryptocurrency Mining on Firefox

How to Block Cryptocurrency Mining on Firefox

In the digital era, a new threat looms over our computers and power supply. Your PC may have become an algorithm-solving machine for hackers mining cryptocurrency. No PC is safe from cryptojackers.

How to Block Cryptocurrency Mining on Firefox

The paranoia is justified and measures must be taken to protect your computer against cyber threats. There have been many cyber attacks in the form of data leaks, security breaches, password managers failing, and systems becoming victims of cryptojacking. Now, this question may arise — “what is cryptojacking”. Let me shed some light on the matter before getting to the solution.

What the Hell Is Cryptojacking?

Nefarious hackers lurk, seeking to hijack systems for covert cryptocurrency mining. This is known as cryptojacking. Previously, victims had to install malicious software for hackers to gain access. Now, with in-browser mining using Javascript, pirates can easily exploit systems to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Monero, and more.

How Does Cryptojacking Work?

In-browser cryptojacking is simple if users aren’t cautious. Hackers exploit web browsers with malicious Javascript code.

Javascript is widely used on the Internet and powers this very page. You don’t need to install anything to browse the web.

This simplicity is what makes cryptojacking with Javascript code so convenient. One click and you’re trapped in a cryptojacker’s web.

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Here’s an example of such code:

With this code, CoinHive hackers can mine Monero, a cryptocurrency currently valued at $409.37.

How Do I Block Cryptojacking in Firefox?

There are two ways to protect your system from cryptojacking on Firefox.

1. NoScript Security Suite

To secure your system, install a Firefox add-on that blocks websites containing hidden Javascript codes for mining cryptocurrencies. This will enable active content only from trusted websites. NoScript Security Suite blocks malicious webpages, protecting your system from cryptocurrency miners. The suite is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Tor, Safari, and the Android version of Firefox.

2. Mining Blocker

This free crypto-mining blocker is an excellent add-on for Firefox. It detects malicious javascript codes on pages before they activate on your browser.

How to Block Cryptocurrency Mining on Firefox

This crypto-mining blocker prevents cryptojackers from accessing your system and sucking the juice out of your CPU and power supply, saving you on your electricity bill. You can also temporarily deactivate the add-on if you are in the mood to mine some coins for yourself.

Note: Globally, cryptocurrency mining on systems without the user’s consent is not illegal yet. However, a few countries have banned this.

Other Ways

There are other ways to protect your system from cryptojackers. This includes using the AdBlocker Plus filter against mining scripts or the Tor browser for anonymous browsing. Let us know how these methods have fortified your system. The comment section is below.

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