How to Block Cryptocurrency Mining on Chrome

How to Block Cryptocurrency Mining on Chrome

Take a step back. Stop what you’re doing. Your PC may no longer be solely yours; it may have already become an algorithm-solving machine for hackers mining cryptocurrency.

The paranoia is justified, and steps must be taken to protect your system against cyber threats.

Lately, there have been numerous cyber attacks, including data leaks, security breaches, failed password managers, and systems falling victim to cryptojacking. It’s frightening!

You may be wondering, “what is cryptojacking?” Let me explain.

What the Hell Is Cryptojacking?

Notorious hackers lurk, searching for a victim to hijack their system and mine cryptocurrency without their knowledge. This is known as cryptojacking.

Previously, victims had to install malicious software for hackers to gain system access.

Now, with in-browser cryptocurrency mining using Javascript, pirates can easily gain full access to your system and mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Monero, and more.

Fun Fact:

How Does Cryptojacking Work?

In-browser cryptojacking is easy if users are not careful. Hackers use malicious Javascript to hijack web browsers.

How to Block Cryptocurrency Mining on Chrome

Javascripts are found everywhere on the Internet. It’s even at the back-end of this page that you’re reading now. It’s the most used digital language on the Internet.

You don’t need to install a program to open a webpage in a browser. And this is what makes cryptojacking with Javascript codes so easy.

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It’s like avoiding landmines in the dark. One click and your system becomes a fly caught in a sticky spider web of a cryptojacker.

Here’s what a malicious code looks like:

How Do I Block Cryptojacking on Chrome?

Here are two ways to protect your Chrome system from cryptojacking.

1. No Coin – Block Miners on the Internet

No Coin is a browser extension that blocks crypto-coin miners like Coinhive. It protects you from cryptojackers using your system and power supply. It’s open source and licensed under MIT. You can add it to Chrome to detect coin-mining Javascript codes on websites and stop your browser from accessing them. This may make some webpages inaccessible, but it’s for the best.

2. MinerBlock – Shield Yourself

MinerBlock is a browser extension that blocks in-browser cryptocurrency mining. It uses two approaches to block miners.

The first approach is based on blocking Javascript codes or requests by comparing them with a blacklist. This is the traditional approach used by most ad-blockers and mining blockers.

The other approach adopted by MinerBlock is detecting potential mining codes in scripts on pages and immediately disabling them, even if they run through proxies. This allows it to block cryptojackers.

Note: Globally, cryptocurrency mining without the user’s consent is not yet illegal. However, some countries have banned it.

Other Ways

There are other ways to protect your system from cryptojackers. These include using the AdBlocker protection filter against mining scripts or using the Tor browser for anonymous browsing.

Let us know how these methods have made your system fortified enough. The comment section is below.

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