How to Automate Tasks on Windows using Actions

How to Automate Tasks on Windows using Actions

Coming from an Android or iPhone background, you must have used or heard about apps that can automate tasks. IFTTT is a major app and service in this field. It can automate tasks on Android or iPhone, such as taking a screenshot and automatically emailing it or uploading it to the clouds.

I have looked for a similar solution for Windows for a long time. We all know that the Windows interface is not as streamlined as that of Android and iOS, making it challenging to create a straightforward app. However, the team at AlomWare has developed a geeky tool that allows you to automate many tasks on your Windows computer.

Using AlomeWare Actions to Automate Tasks

AlomWare Actions is a free and downloadable app for home use. The installation is simple. Once installed, you will be prompted to configure a hotkey to open Actions anywhere. The interface is reminiscent of classic software. It consists of four boxes: actions, steps, application settings, and manual recipe actions. Before starting, configure the settings in the third box.

How to Automate Tasks on Windows using Actions

Here you need to configure the mail settings, app hotkey, and date/time variable. This is the SMTP settings you will obtain from your mail service provider’s settings page. Once configured, review the actions in the first box.

It’s All There

There are pre-configured recipes for you to try and assign a personal hotkey. While testing them, monitor the second box for the steps each recipe will take. This data will help you learn how the actions work and create your own recipes.

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How to Automate Tasks on Windows using Actions

Creating recipes is a geek’s job, involving working with actions and variables in the correct order for successful execution. While there is no online manual for using actions to create recipes, the action names and descriptions alongside them provide assistance.

How to Automate Tasks on Windows using Actions

It may take time to go through and implement all the actions. In the meantime, browse the online catalogue for useful actions that you can learn from. These steps can be copied to the clipboard and imported into AlomWare actions by pressing the respective button or using the Ctrl+I shortcut. As a free user, you can create up to 10 recipes. To remove this limitation, you should purchase the full version of the product.


There are many recipes you can download and customize to your needs. But things can be tricky if you’re not tech-savvy. However, we’re here to help you explore and learn new things. So try the app and if you encounter any issues, leave a comment and we’ll assist you.

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