How to Automate Sleep Time Android Tasks With NFC

How to Automate Sleep Time Android Tasks With NFC

I’m sure you have a nighttime routine. It’s either catching up on news or reading a book before bed. But when we go to sleep, some of us put the phone on silent and turn off Wi-Fi or radios to save battery or listen to nature sounds to relax after a stressful day.

How to Automate Sleep Time Android Tasks With NFC

It is acceptable to perform these actions manually. It only takes a few taps and perhaps a minute to complete. However, imagine if all of these tasks could be accomplished by simply tapping your phone against an NFC tag/sticker on your bedside table. After all, the last thing you want to do before going to sleep is navigate through multiple menus, correct? If you own an NFC-compatible phone, all you need to do is purchase inexpensive NFC tags/stickers. Join me after the break to learn more.


Trigger is a free app that we will use to set up the automation process. This app allows you to trigger tasks when certain criteria are met. You can create complex automation recipes where Y is initiated when X happens. Today, we will keep things simple.

Trigger has two sets of options – Task and Switch. Tasks are simple. When you tap the NFC tag, the defined action will be initiated. For example, if you want to turn off Wi-Fi, it will be turned off if it’s on. If it’s already off, there won’t be any issues.

Switch is where things get more complicated. This is where toggles come into play. If it’s on, turn it off. If it’s off, turn it on. My experience with Switches has not been reliable and I suggest you stay away from the option, especially for this use case.

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Ideas for NFC uses: You can do loads of stuff with NFC tags, and a lot of it is possible using just the Trigger app. If you’re looking for ideas, check out our article and get inspired.

In this example, we’ll accomplish the following tasks:

– Turn off Wi-Fi (mobile data/GPS changes require root access).

– Put the phone in silent mode.

– Play a song.

– Set an alarm for 8:00 AM.

Step 1: Open the app and tap the + button in the top-right corner. From the Triggers section, tap the + button.

How to Automate Sleep Time Android Tasks With NFC

Step 2: From the menu, select NFC and tap Next. Here, you can add restrictions. Skip this for now by tapping Done. Now, tap Next.

How to Automate Sleep Time Android Tasks With NFC

Step 3:

In the Task panel, tap +. Now, pay attention. From the listed categories, select the relevant actions.

Step 4:

From Wireless & Networks, select Wi-Fi On/Off (or any other option). From Sounds and Volume, select Sound Profile or Notification Volume.

If you want to play a song before you fall asleep, select Start/stop media playback. From Alarms, tap Set Alarm.

How to Automate Sleep Time Android Tasks With NFC

If you want to start a nature sounds or sleep tracking app, tap “Applications & Shortcuts” and select “Open Application”.

Choose all the actions you want. The next step will be customizing each action you selected.

Step 5: Now you’ll see the “Configure Actions” menu. Each action you selected will have options. For example, for “Wi-Fi On/Off”, select “Disabled”. In “Sound Profile”, select “Silent” and choose the application for the app picker.

How to Automate Sleep Time Android Tasks With NFC

To make the text more concise and impactful, we can eliminate redundant words and phrases while maintaining the original meaning. Here’s the updated text:

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“Tap Add to Task, then Next, skip the Switch section, and hold your NFC tag against the phone to write the task to it.”

How to Automate Sleep Time Android Tasks With NFC

That’s it, you’re done. The next time you go to bed, simply tap your Android phone to these NFC tags. By default, Trigger doesn’t have tag rewriting. However, you can download a free plugin from the Play Store to enable this feature.

What Do You Use NFC For?

Have you found any creative uses for the NFC chip? Share with us in the comments below.

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