Flush Windows 8 Live Tile Notifications & Remove Old Updates

Flush Windows 8 Live Tile Notifications & Remove Old Updates

When discussing Windows 8 metered connection and notifications, I mentioned how Start Screen Windows Live Tiles can display important information without opening the application. However, when no new update is available or when browsing on a metered connection that disables Live Tiles updates, the provided information is stale.

The issue with Live Tiles is that they display updated information instantly but retain older notifications, even if they haven’t been updated in days. This can create confusion, especially with stale Calendar or weather information when scheduling a meeting.

Today we will see how to remove stale Windows 8 Live Tiles notifications automatically. It is better to have no information rather than incorrect information. We will use Windows Group Policy Editor, which is only available for Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise users.

Flushing Windows 8 Notifications

Step 1: Open Run Box and run “gpedit.msc” to open Windows Group Policy Editor. You will need administrative access to make these changes.

Step 2: Navigate to “User Configuration – Administrative Template – Start Menu and Taskbar” on the left sidebar.

Flush Windows 8 Live Tile Notifications & Remove Old Updates

Step 3: Look for the setting “Clear History of Tile Notifications on Exit” and double click to open. In the new window, change the settings from “Not configured” to “Enable” and apply.

Flush Windows 8 Live Tile Notifications & Remove Old Updates

Note: While exploring Windows Group Policy Editor, please exercise caution and avoid modifying random settings unless you have a clear understanding of their purpose. Prior to making any changes, it is advisable to create a manual restore point in Windows to ensure system stability.

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Once you have saved your desired settings, simply log off or restart your computer to apply them permanently. Upon reboot and disconnection from the internet, you will notice that all modern app tiles have been restored to their original state.

The trick will help you get updated news. Windows 8 notifications look beautiful, but stale news would make them lose their shine. Better to keep them fresh, no?

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