Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: Which Smartwatch Is Better

Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: Which Smartwatch Is Better

Smartwatches today are powerful devices that come with a wide range of features. In recent years, there has been a trend towards smartwatches that focus on wellness and health. The Samsung Active2 and the Fitbit Sense are two new additions to this lineup. The Fitbit Sense is a feature-rich and expensive smartwatch from Fitbit that includes several new sensors. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, launched in 2019, is a fitness-oriented smartwatch that offers smart features and tracks fitness levels effectively.

Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: Which Smartwatch Is Better

Priced at $329, the Fitbit Sense offers numerous features. You can obtain ECG readings, measure blood oxygen levels, and check body temperature. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 now supports SpO2 and ECG monitoring, which became available via OTAs in the latter part of 2020. Therefore, it’s logical to compare these two fitness-oriented smartwatches to determine which better suits your needs. Without delay, let’s begin.

Design, Display, and Fit

The Fitbit Sense design resembles last year’s Versa 2, but it is slimmer with rounded edges, giving it a new and unique look. It is a modern and light smartwatch with a thin aluminum ring running around the edge to improve its appearance. The rounded design is comfortable for exercise and workouts, as it doesn’t dig into your wrist. Additionally, it doesn’t weigh you down when sleeping with it on.

Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: Which Smartwatch Is Better

Fitbit has redesigned how the strap connects to the watch. Now, you just need to pull back the quick release buttons to remove the strap. No toggles in this one. While the Sense stock band looks stylish, it’s not practical in real life thanks to its infinity loop. Plus, the stock strap is a little stiff. Thankfully, there are ample third-party straps to swap it with.

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Interestingly, the Fitbit Sense bundles a bright display, and the best part is its sunlight legibility. So even if you look at messages or check your step count in bright daylight, you can do that. It packs a 1.58-inch AMOLED display. It’s quick and responds promptly to touches, which was an issue with last year’s Versa 2.

Fitbit Sense

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 has a round shape, in contrast to the square Fitbit Sense. It features a digital rotating bezel that allows easy navigation through widgets, menus, and app settings. The absence of a physical bezel gives it a slim look and eliminates the risk of it sticking to clothing. Unlike the bulky Galaxy Watch 3, the Galaxy Watch Active2 is thin and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear all day and even while sleeping.

Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: Which Smartwatch Is Better

Samsung has always prioritized displays, and this smartwatch is no exception. The AMOLED screen is large and bright, making it easily visible even in daylight. Additionally, like the Fitbit Sense, this smartwatch also has brightness controls.

Unlike the Sense, this smartwatch has two buttons — Home and Back.

As for comfort, the stock silicon strap is not as comfortable as some third-party bands due to the lack of perforations, similar to the Sense. However, it can be easily replaced with a sports band for improved comfort. The sports band is durable and well-built. I have been wearing mine for almost a year now and can attest that the frame is solid enough to withstand accidental contact with door frames or seat handles.

Battery Backup

Battery life is a crucial feature for wireless rechargeable devices, and it often determines their success. Compared to traditional fitness trackers, the battery life on the Fitbit Sense is slightly less due to its many sensors, smart features, Always On Display (AOD), and watch faces. However, even with AOD off, the Fitbit Sense offers an impressive battery life of around 4.5 days. With AOD enabled, the battery life decreases to just over a day, but disabling AOD compromises the purpose of a smartwatch.

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Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: Which Smartwatch Is Better

The same is true for the Galaxy Watch Active2. Enabling features like Always On Display, Wi-Fi, or a colorful watch face drains the battery quickly, requiring frequent recharges. Moreover, keeping GPS on for extended periods further reduces battery life.

Fortunately, Fitbit Sense has improved the charging mechanism by replacing the outdated clip-style charger with a proprietary magnetic one, similar to the Galaxy Watch Active2. The drawback of proprietary chargers is the need to carry them when traveling and the potential expense of replacing lost chargers.

ECG Readings, Stress Tracking, and More

The new Fitbit Sense is an impressive tracker. It monitors blood oxygen levels, measures stress levels and skin temperature, and records ECG.

Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: Which Smartwatch Is Better

One primary difference between the watches is how they measure Stress and SpO2. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 allows you to measure it on-demand. Just go to the widget, press the button, and the watch will start its job.

On the other hand, the Fitbit Sense measures your blood oxygen levels during the night and displays the results after you wake up.

Unlike the Galaxy Watch Active2, the Sense uses its EDA sensor to measure body sweat markers for stress management. The results are based on these factors and you can also see your stress scores. However, you need to wear the watch for that feature.

Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: Which Smartwatch Is Better

The Galaxy Watch Active2 excels in activity tracking. It has numerous exercise modes and tracks activities accurately. It also automatically tracks activities like walking, cycling, and swimming for more than 10 minutes. It logs stats such as calories burnt and minutes spent in the log. Additionally, both watches allow you to track sleep and check VO2 Max stats after exercises.

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Smart Features

Smartwatches are increasingly popular due to their range of features and convenience. Samsung’s smartwatch stands out as a notable option, offering not only the ability to receive and respond to texts and Whatsapp messages, but also enabling users to add personalized messages or utilize the voice-to-text functionality. This feature seamlessly works with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: Which Smartwatch Is Better

Sense allows you to reply to messages on Android, but not on iOS. However, you can conveniently answer calls directly from your smartwatch if your phone is nearby, similar to the Galaxy Watch Active2.

Google Assistant integration on the watch simplifies various tasks. For instance, it can display your scores or initiate a workout using voice commands. Simply activate it and enjoy the convenience.

Tame the Tracker

So far, the smartwatches have common and uncommon features. Which one should you choose?

If you need a watch that extends your phone, choose the Galaxy Watch Active2. It has essential smart features like notifications, message replies, calendar and reminder checking, and streaming Spotify playlists. It can also track activities, stress levels, and detect falls, motivating a healthy lifestyle.

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