Finding IMEI of Lost or Stolen Android, iPhone

Finding IMEI of Lost or Stolen Android, iPhone

Your IMEI number, short for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, is a unique number given to every phone and acts as the device’s i.d. In case of loss or theft, the IMEI number can help track down the device. You can provide this number to law enforcement agencies, who can collaborate with telecom providers to locate the SIM card currently in use.

The phone’s IMEI number is often written on the back for iPhones and inside the battery wall for Androids. You can also dial the code *#06# on any phone to retrieve the IMEI number.

Having your IMEI code backed up is a wise practice. However, if you forgot to do so and have now lost your phone, this article will show you how to retrieve it without the device or the original packing box.

Finding the IMEI Number of Lost Android Devices

We often complain about Google storing all our data on its servers. However, today we can be grateful for this. By opening the Google dashboard and going to Android settings, you can see a list of all the Android devices used with your account. The list includes the device name, IMEI number, manufacturer, and the last time the device was active on the Play Store.

Finding IMEI of Lost or Stolen Android, iPhone

That’s it, provide the number to your telecom operator and law enforcement agencies for action.

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Cool Tip: Install this Anti-Theft app on your Android phones to enhance security. They track the device using SMS commands.

Finding the IMEI Number of Lost iPhones

Unlike Google, Apple doesn’t store device information on its servers. But if you’ve made a local backup using iTunes, you can track down the IMEI number. To find it, open iTunes and go to Edit—>Preferences. Then, open the Devices tab to view the devices you have backed up. Hover the mouse over the device to see the IMEI number and serial number. Make a note of it and take necessary action.

Finding IMEI of Lost or Stolen Android, iPhone

If you didn’t create an offline backup of your phone, you can’t find the IMEI number of the lost iPhone. However, you can try logging in to your iCloud account and selecting the “Find my iPhone” option. If the device is connected to the internet, you can send stress signals to the phone and locate it on a map.

Here’s a Step-by-Step Video Guide


Here’s how you can track down the IMEI number of your lost Android or iPhone without the box. If you know any other tricks to find the IMEI number, please share them. It could help someone recover their lost phone.

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