Find Phone Numbers of Contacts in Email & Sync to All Devices

Find Phone Numbers of Contacts in Email & Sync to All Devices

Here’s a typical scenario – an email client on the desktop, a cloud-based client, and a couple of smartphones. Managing and syncing contacts across these devices can cause repetitive stress disorder.

Efficiency demands syncing and updating them. We have previously discussed various ways to transfer contact information between email clients, back up iPhone contacts, and move contacts across different mobile OS.

Today, we’ll save labor by automatically extracting phone numbers from emails and syncing them to our devices. Say hello to our new web friend – Morse.

Morse – Stop Managing Your Contacts (beta) is a web application that connects to your Gmail account and ‘mines’ all emails in your inbox to find phone numbers included by your contacts in emails or signatures. Morse merges this information with the Gmail address book and syncs it to all devices connected to this Gmail account.

The Benefit of Morse and Email Mining

Diving into the Gmail inbox to find a phone number can be time-consuming. Morse offers a solution for saving time, especially if you prefer to manually update your address book with every phone number. Currently, Morse is free and available for Gmail accounts, making it accessible to a large number of people. Now, let’s explore how effectively Morse searches through your inbox.

Sign-in with your Google account and authorize Morse to access your email. Morse will scan your inbox and send you a notification email with this information. Morse will also notify you when the scan is complete. Instructions on how to integrate Morse with your devices and Gmail contacts are provided.

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Find Phone Numbers of Contacts in Email & Sync to All Devices

Morse mines the inbox and cross-checks phone numbers with existing contacts. If a contact already exists, numbers are updated; if not, a new contact is created with the email address and phone number. When set up with Morse, contact information automatically syncs to a user’s devices. The initial indexing takes time, but the application runs automatically without unnecessary notifications. Morse only searches for phone numbers to sync and keeps this data private. You can revoke access to Morse from your account’s dashboard anytime.

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