EverythingMe Android Launcher: 8 Awesome Features

EverythingMe Android Launcher: 8 Awesome Features

I believe that Android launchers are often overhyped. Unlike iOS’s Springboard, Android does not offer a streamlined and intuitive user experience. Instead, it tends to be cluttered with various options, leading to an abundance of launcher apps developed by both third-party developers and even Google themselves. Even the simpler launchers like Z Launcher and Aviate, which focus on automation, can be overwhelming.

After getting the Lollipop update, I wanted something simpler. Something with powerful features that didn’t cause stress. EverythingMe is the perfect fit for me. Let me explain why.

1. Smart Folders

After installation, EverythingMe scans apps to create smart folders for categories like Social, Photography, News, and others.

EverythingMe Android Launcher: 8 Awesome FeaturesEverythingMe Android Launcher: 8 Awesome Features

Sorting, arranging, remembering, and looking for apps in Android poses a significant problem. The multitude of options, such as home screen shortcuts, folders, and the app drawer, further complicates the matter.

2. The Easy to Use Find Menu

EverythingMe Android Launcher: 8 Awesome Features

There’s a Find menu at the top where you can search for apps, contacts, and more. I think EverythingMe’s implementation looks and works better than the Google search bar.

3. App Suggestions

EverythingMe Android Launcher: 8 Awesome FeaturesEverythingMe Android Launcher: 8 Awesome Features

4. The Contextual Part

The bottom of the page has a 4×1 grid for contextual information and apps. It’s designed to display apps relevant to your location and time. However, it didn’t work for me. But, I’m not interested in this feature anyway.

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5. Quick Contacts Panel

EverythingMe Android Launcher: 8 Awesome Features

Swiping left from the home screen will give you the quick contacts panel. It displays the recent call history and allows you to access the Phone app. For those who frequently use their phones, this feature can be helpful. However, it can also be disabled in the settings.

6. Icon Pack Support

Yes, like every other launcher, EverythingMe supports icon packs.

7. Wallpapers

EverythingMe Android Launcher: 8 Awesome Features

The app has a large selection of wallpapers for you to choose and apply. You can access the menu by long pressing on the empty part of the screen.

8. It Just Looks and Feels Good.

EverythingMe is fast and fluid. The animations on Lollipop are butter smooth. The launcher is pleasing on the eyes. It looks good, better than Nova and Now Launcher.


You can change the folder icon view from grid to triple.

Widgets are supported.

The app remembers your last position in the App Drawer as long as you’re still in the Launcher. If you go to another app and come back, you’ll be back to the first screen. They should add an option to always remember the last App Drawer screen you were on (Nova Prime does this).

The app doesn’t support Google’s voice search. But you can add the Google Search widget or enable the OK Google voice detection feature OS wide.

The wallpapers are from Chrooma Live Wallpaper app.

Why Should You Go with EverythingMe?

EverythingMe is not a fully-featured launcher and it doesn’t pretend to be. It does a few things right and genuinely makes your life easier. I’m sold on it thanks to the smart folders and app suggestions. What’s your current Android launcher? Share with us in the comments below.

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