Enjoy Oldies and Discover New Songs with Jango

Enjoy Oldies and Discover New Songs with Jango

The radio is not a good way to discover new music. However, I’m not a fan of listening to overplayed music. I’d like to take a more active role in seeking out new music. Three years ago, I found a way to do that. I’m surprised that it hasn’t caught on to the mainstream yet (or maybe it has and I am not aware).

I live in Canada. Pandora doesn’t work outside the United States (although you can use free VPN software to get that working). Last.fm’s radio requires a subscription, and I went over my free thirty tracks a long time ago. Sure, there are internet radio stations, but none are tailored to my diverse and somewhat bizarre taste in music.

Enjoy Oldies and Discover New Songs with Jango

Jango is a music discovery service similar to Last.fm and Pandora. It allows you to create a station around a certain number of artists and plays music by those artists and related bands. You can like, love, or hate a song. Jango continually finds new music based on the artists you input and the songs you love. When you sign up for Jango, your first step should be to create a new station. Simply enter a few artists and start playing. You can rename your station as desired.

Jango lets you create multiple stations. Last.fm only suggests music based on your iTunes play. With Jango, you can quickly create a new station based on any artist.

I discovered MGMT three years ago and created a station on Jango to find similar music. If you find a new artist you like, you can edit your station preferences to include them.

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Enjoy Oldies and Discover New Songs with Jango

The Jango music player is what you’ll be interacting with. The three emoticons are important: clicking the sad face means you hate the song and it won’t play again. Clicking the middle smiley face means you like the song and it might come up again sometimes. Clicking the big smiley face means you love the song, and you’ll hear it frequently if you click it.

There’s also a skip button, as well as Lyrics and View Price options. The Artist Bio tab is worth noting too, where Jango provides information about the band from Wikipedia.

Jango has been around for a while, and I’ve used it for two years. It’s a great tool for discovering new music. I used to listen to Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and GNR, but now I also find artists like Cut Copy, MGMT, and Hot Chip. Check out Jango! You won’t regret it.

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