Encrypt Emails Before Sending Right From Gmail’s Interface

Encrypt Emails Before Sending Right From Gmail’s Interface

There is always a worry associated with online accounts and profiles. We never know who’s watching. Despite this threat, we cannot avoid using emails for communication. Additionally, email services are constantly improving security measures. For example, Gmail offers a great way to add an extra layer of protection against intrusions. It’s important to note that Gmail users should be aware that Google bots scan their emails to show relevant ads. However, this shouldn’t be a major concern since the bots are simply automated algorithms. If you prefer to maintain more privacy, you can change your Ad preferences on Google. By following Gmail’s security suggestions and practicing caution, your Gmail account will remain protected. But what about the emails you send?

There are many web services that enable this functionality. But the one we will discuss today integrates it into Gmail’s interface and allows you to encrypt and send messages from the default compose box.

Note: This extension uses PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) for encryption.

The solution is only available for Chrome users at the sender’s end. The recipient does not have this dependency. If you are interested, please download the Safe Gmail extension for Chrome (UPDATE: This tool is no longer available) and add it to your browser.

Once you restart or refresh your browser and Gmail’s page, the extension will begin working. To confirm this, go to the Compose message page. You should see an Encrypt checkbox below the Attach a file link. If it still does not appear, try refreshing the page with Ctrl + F5.

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When you check the Encrypt option, the Send button will change to Send + Encrypt. You will also see fields to select a security question and answer. This is how the message will be protected at the recipient’s end.

Encrypt Emails Before Sending Right From Gmail’s Interface

To view the secret message, click on the link “Here”. This will redirect you to Safe Gmail’s interface, where you’ll be prompted to answer the security question (please share the answer with the recipient separately).

Encrypt Emails Before Sending Right From Gmail’s Interface

To access the encrypted message, the user must copy the encrypted text from the received email and paste it into the “Mail Decryption” text box. Then, click on “Show My Mail” to reveal the message.


The extension is decent, able to encrypt messages from Gmail’s interface. It would be better if the decryption process was integrated in the interface. An optional expiry time might have worked well. Nevertheless, it is good to adapt and stick to.

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