Easily Design Awesome Posters, Images Online with Canva

Easily Design Awesome Posters, Images Online with Canva

Easily Design Awesome Posters, Images Online with Canva

The internet offers numerous tools to solve problems efficiently. It excels in this area, as it enables us to accomplish tasks previously limited to professionals. Need to publish a visually appealing blog post? Try using Medium. Looking to collaborate with others online? Google Drive is an excellent choice. This year’s breakthrough tool is Canva, in my opinion.

So, what exactly is Canva? It’s a free web-based tool that resembles Photoshop in terms of functionality, but with a much lower learning curve. Although it may not be a true replacement for Photoshop, it simplifies access to the most commonly used features.

Canva is designed to create shareable posts that integrate images with text. Get a background from Canva, add and edit text, and it’s ready to be shared. Canva has templates for Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram posts, as well as presentation slides.

Easily Design Awesome Posters, Images Online with Canva

What Can You Use it For?

Off the top of my head, here are some things you can do with Canva:

– Create a Facebook page cover

– Design thumbnail images for your YouTube videos

– Make cards for any occasion

– Use built-in templates for eBook covers and business cards

– Combine text and images to create posters, shareable images, and promote articles

– Remix other Canva users’ images to build upon them

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If you’re in need of inspiration, check out Canva’s Stream, which showcases work from other users (you’ll need to be logged in). Canva is accessible via web and also has an iPad app.

The best way to learn is by doing. Sign up for a free account, choose a template (start with the Presentation slide), and meet me in the next step. Let’s create a cliche motivational poster with a faded scenic background and superimposed text. A classic.

Step 1: Import a Background or Search for One

Easily Design Awesome Posters, Images Online with Canva

Canva offers a vast collection of background images, shapes, colors, icons, arrows, and glyphs, with over a million options. Simply search for a keyword to find what you need. Some elements are free, while others require payment (usually $1). If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the free selection, you can download a royalty-free image from one of the many stock image sites suggested by Canva.

Easily Design Awesome Posters, Images Online with Canva

From the sidebar, click Background and pick or upload an image. Once uploaded, it will be stored to your Canva account. Now, drag the image from the sidebar to the image editing panel.

Step 2: Editing the Background Image

Now, you’ll see the highlighted image with four end points on each edge. Click and drag to resize or rotate it. When the image is active, a popup will appear. This applies to all elements.

Easily Design Awesome Posters, Images Online with Canva

Faking creativity: You’re not an awesome designer. You don’t care about kerning. But you still want to create decent-looking stuff. So, fake it or steal it. Canva promotes this idea. On the Layout tab, you’ll find plenty of pre-made templates. Canva also offers a Remix button that lets you take a publicly shared Canva post, import it to your account, and customize it. The goal is to quickly create something impressive that you’d usually pay someone else for. See the image at the top of the post? It was remixed from an image I found on the Canva blog.

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Easily Design Awesome Posters, Images Online with Canva

Here, a popup will show options for deleting images, bringing the image forward or back, copying, or selecting a color if it’s a solid background. The Filter option takes Canva even closer to the Photoshop category. Not only can you apply pre-configured filters, but you can also go to Advanced and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, and more. There’s also a blur and vignette effect. If you plan on adding text over the image, choose those options to make the text pop.

Step 3: Adding Text

Text is a big part of sharable images, and Canva makes it easy. Go to the Text tab and you’ll find presets ready for you. Drag one to the image, select the text, edit it, and you’re done.

Easily Design Awesome Posters, Images Online with Canva

You have the option to change the font, font color, transparency, case, alignment, and more for each text field.

To make the text stand out, find a shape, place it over the text field, move it to the back, and decrease the transparency after selecting a neutral color.

Another way to add visual interest is by blending two background images to create a textured effect.

If you prefer not to use the presets, you can simply drag and drop the text boxes located at the top of the sidebar.

And you’re not limited to just text. Enhance your image by adding arrows, quotes, lines, shapes, and other elements.

When playing in Canva, experiment with layouts and styles. Use the Copy button on the right to create a copy of the current version. This makes it easier to compare later.

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Step 3: Share, Download, Do More

Your image is ready. But it’s never truly ready. There’s much more you can do with Canva. In fact, more experienced individuals have written about it, for Canva has its own Design School. I recommend checking it out. Lately, I’ve been spending time there and learning about typography.

What we made above was a basic image. It only took a few minutes to create it online, and it was free. Plus, we did it without any training in professional photo editing software.

How Are You Going to Use It?

Easily Design Awesome Posters, Images Online with Canva

What new ways are you planning to use Canva? Share with us in the comments below.

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