Easiest Way to Watch Hulu, Netflix, Pandora Outside the US

Easiest Way to Watch Hulu, Netflix, Pandora Outside the US

In the past, we have discovered multiple methods to bypass country restrictions on sites like Hulu and Netflix, allowing us to access and watch videos as if we were U.S. users. One of the more recent methods we found was Tunlr, a service that enables us to change our connection DNS and access these restricted websites.

However, we encountered a significant issue with Tunlr. While it was effective for watching videos on Hulu and Netflix, it caused a slowdown in regular web browsing. Additionally, the service is planning to remove Netflix from its list due to an increasing number of users. Consequently, using Tunlr on a regular basis has become quite challenging.

To change that, today I will show you an easy way to watch Hulu, Netflix, and listen to Pandora radio from any country. I will not ask you to change your DNS or use a VPN service. All I will ask you to do is to install an extension in your browser. Tempting, right? Read on.

Media Hint for Chrome and Firefox

Media Hint is a Firefox and Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix and Hulu, and listen to Pandora radio outside the US. Simply visit the Media Hint homepage and click “Start Using”. This will redirect you to either the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-on Center, depending on your browser, where you can install the extension.

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Easiest Way to Watch Hulu, Netflix, Pandora Outside the US

Once the browser extension is installed, simply restart your browser. There will be no visible changes to the extension area, but when you open Hulu or Netflix, you will no longer see the country restriction banner. Just install the extension and you’re good to go.

How Media Hint Works

I was puzzled to see a simple extension that could accomplish what previously required DNS changes, VPN services, and more. To understand how it worked, I decided to investigate. Unfortunately, the developer did not provide any information on the official website. However, a Reddit thread suggests that the extension uses a proxy to change your location when accessing Hulu or Netflix, but switches to a direct connection when listening to music or streaming videos.

Easiest Way to Watch Hulu, Netflix, Pandora Outside the US

This means you won’t compromise your browsing speed on those websites.


The extension is free to use and I don’t see many users complaining about any difficulty. Some reviewers on the Chrome store are calling it out for asking permission to access data on all sites. While it sounds alarming, many extensions do that. There is always a degree of risk associated with exposing your browser to add-ons. The final call is always yours.

I doubt if the party will last long enough and it’s a matter of time before Hulu and Netflix engineers come out with a fix, but until then, why not make the most of it? Let us know if you tried it, and if it worked well.

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