EaseUS MobiMover Free 3.0 Review

EaseUS MobiMover Free 3.0 Review

Apple’s iCloud service for syncing and backing up iOS devices has improved over the years, but it’s not a perfect solution. If you don’t fully trust the cloud or worry about syncing issues, iCloud won’t be your best bet for data synchronization across devices.

If you use PCs or Android devices in addition to Apple devices, iCloud probably isn’t for you either. So, what is?

EaseUS MobiMover Free 3.0 Review

Backup and syncing services often require payment, which is why the existence of EaseUS MobiMover Free is quite remarkable. This Windows program allows you to back up your iOS devices, transfer data to and from a PC, and even migrate data from an old iOS device to a new one.

The best part? It’s completely free for personal use. There are no catches, paywalls, or any other tricks involved — MobiMover Free is a genuine, no-cost option.

How MobiMover Free Can Save Your Digital Life

I spent many years searching for a cost-effective alternative to iTunes for local backups and syncing, but always came up short. Most online options are expensive, starting at $50.

EaseUS MobiMover Free 3.0 Review

Finding a free and effective software is becoming increasingly rare. However, MobiMover is both free and reliable.

MobiMover allows you to transfer and back up various types of data, including contacts, messages, notes, calendar entries, voicemails, books, Safari data and bookmarks, photos, videos, and audio files.

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If you already use iCloud or another paid backup service, I still suggest trying out MobiMover Free. It is always beneficial to have a local backup in addition to a cloud backup.

EaseUS MobiMover Free 3.0 Review

If something goes wrong in the cloud, it’s often beyond the user’s control. Two backups, specifically local and cloud, are better than one. Moreover, MobiMover provides a convenient way to purchase a new iPhone and transfer data without skipping a beat. This will be useful in the future.

How to Use EaseUS MobiMover Free

Backing up and transferring with MobiMover is simple. Download and launch the software on your PC. Then, plug your iPhone or iPad into the USB slot. If you’re transferring data from one iOS device to another, you’ll need two free USB slots to connect both simultaneously.

EaseUS MobiMover Free 3.0 Review

In the program, choose which transfer you want to initiate. Select “Transfer to This Device” to choose the files and/or folders you want to transfer from Windows. Choose “Transfer to Other Device or Transfer to Computer” to pick the types of files available on your iPhone or iPad that you want to move over.

You can also choose a “Custom” transfer to select specific files and folders to a degree even iTunes doesn’t permit.

This is my favorite mode to use in MobiMover because it lets you organize your files and file types before picking their destination.

After selecting the data from your iOS that you want to transfer, use the icons on the right to determine if they’re going to another phone or a computer. It’s a great way to batch transfer different files to different devices all in one window.

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Thanks to MobiMover’s affordability and simple UI, transfers are quick. If you’re transferring data to a device, the files will appear in their corresponding apps. If you’re transferring from a device to a PC, select the destination folder. MobiMover is also great for organizing files. Connect your iPhone to MobiMover to see every file on your device, delete unwanted files, and free up space. Note.

MobiMover Free Is a Clear Winner

Pretty much everyone with an iPhone or iPad and a Windows PC should use EaseUS MobiMover. Combining local and cloud backups is the safest way to protect your data.

EaseUS MobiMover Free 3.0 Review

Thanks to MobiMover’s affordability and simple UI, transfers are fast. The transfer time depends on the amount of data being moved. I was impressed by how quickly MobiMover scanned all the files on my iPhone. It scanned thousands of photos and videos in just a few seconds. Commercial use requires a purchased license from EaseUS online store, but home and personal use are free with no in-app upgrades.

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