EagleGet: Fast, Free Download Accelerator for Every Browser

EagleGet: Fast, Free Download Accelerator for Every Browser

EagleGet: Fast, Free Download Accelerator for Every Browser

If you use multiple browsers and often download files, you’d benefit from a centralized download manager that accelerates downloads and organizes files more efficiently. The tool we’re discussing today is called and it can help you grab files off the internet up to 6 times faster. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer users can all benefit from EagleGet, which not only increases download speed but also automatically captures download links.

Organization is essential when downloading media files. Instead of moving downloaded files from your Desktop to the Pictures/Video folder, you can keep them neatly filed in the EagleGet program itself. Here’s how.

How to Get the Most Out of EagleGet

Functionality is fine, but some settings in EagleGet can optimize its download capabilities.

1. Adjust the Connection Settings

After downloading EagleGet, open the Configuration setting and select the Connection sidebar menu.

Ensure the Number of retries is set to a reasonable number. The default might be too low, causing some downloads to stop and require a retry. Increase this number to prevent downloads from ending prematurely due to excessive retries.

Change the Max number of threads to 20 to ensure more access points are created for the download.

2. Automatically Run Virus Scans

The option to run virus scans on download completion is a great feature for a malware-free computer. Every virus comes from a download.

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To set this up, go back to the Configuration settings and choose the Automation sidebar menu. Check the box for Check for virus after download is complete and select a program to run. For example, you can use Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware to protect against malware, viruses, and more.

Keep the bottommost extensions in the File Types to Scan section as the default to scan executable and zip files.

EagleGet: Fast, Free Download Accelerator for Every Browser

3. Download Files from Any Browser

EagleGet has an in-app extension for major internet browsers. To configure, go to Monitoring in the Settings menu and select the desired browsers. Make sure to include the file types in the designated text area.

EagleGet: Fast, Free Download Accelerator for Every Browser

Grab files from all these browsers and increase download speeds for all of them. The downloading is easy and universal with all major browsers. Use EagleGet to increase download speeds and manage multiple downloads. So, what are you waiting for?

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