Download Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers (4K)

Download Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers (4K)

Apple unveiled intriguing hardware and software products at WWDC 2023, including iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma. The new macOS 14 boasts a redesigned interface, improved performance, enhanced privacy and security, game mode, support for desktop widgets, and more. Additionally, there were captivating wallpapers.

Download Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers (4K)

These Official macOS Sonoma wallpapers can be used on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Android devices as they can be easily resized for different screen resolutions. The macOS Sonoma wallpapers are beautiful and functional. Along with the latest macOS wallpapers, we have a surprise for those who scroll down.Without further ado, let’s get to the wallpapers and discuss the interesting features of the latest macOS version!

Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers

Apple has delivered impressive wallpapers with the macOS 14 update. If your Mac supports macOS Sonoma or if you are getting the new MacBooks, you’ll receive these wallpapers. For others, you can check them out below and download the macOS Sonoma wallpapers (4K).

1. macOS Sonoma Graphic Light Wallpaper

Download Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers (4K)

2. macOS Sonoma Graphic Dark Wallpaper

3. macOS Sonoma Orange Wallpaper

Made by @BasicAppleGuy, this can’t be included in the Official macOS Sonoma wallpapers. However, it’s still an interesting option for those who want to try. Additionally, it’s available for iPad and iPhone screens.

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Download Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers (4K)

macOS Sonoma Features: What’s New

Apple consistently delivers stunning wallpapers with each new edition of macOS. This year is no exception. Now that you have downloaded these wallpapers, let’s briefly discuss some exciting features of the update.

1. Desktop Widgets

One significant addition in macOS Sonoma is desktop widgets, similar to those on the iPhone. These widgets allow users to access information from apps such as Calendar, Weather, and Stocks. They can also personalize their layout by resizing and moving the widgets.

2. Screensavers

The macOS Sonoma update enhances Mac’s screensaver feature with new aerial screensavers showcasing stunning cityscapes, landscapes, and natural wonders worldwide. Users can also opt for automatic daily screensaver changes.

Mac is often viewed as a productivity machine, but with the new Game Mode, users can improve performance by optimizing CPU and GPU resources and reducing latency for gaming. Time to game on Mac!

4. Other Features

macOS Sonoma allows Safari users to create multiple profiles for work and home, as well as share passwords and passkeys stored on iCloud. It also includes overall improvements for performance, stability, and security.

Download Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers (4K)

macOS Sonoma Release Date

The macOS Sonoma developer beta has already been released and will be followed by the public beta release this summer. However, the general public will have to wait until fall to experience a stable version of macOS Sonoma on their Mac.

Now that you know the key features of macOS 14 Sonoma, you might wonder which MacBooks will receive the update. Here is the list of supported devices.

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That concludes our discussion on macOS Sonoma. Now, let’s move on to the surprise we mentioned earlier – some additional wallpapers for your Mac.

New 15-inch MacBook Air Wallpapers

Here’s the surprise! Apple announced the first 15-inch MacBook Air with updates in design and amazing wallpapers. Download them all.

1. Radial Yellow

Download Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers (4K)

2. Radial Purple

Download Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers (4K)

3. Radial Green

Download Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers (4K)

4. Radial Blue

Download Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers (4K)

FAQ on macOS Sonoma Wallpapers

To change the wallpaper on your Mac, follow these steps: Open the Apple menu, go to System Settings, click Wallpaper in the sidebar, and choose the desired wallpaper. For macOS Sonoma wallpapers, simply drag the downloaded file to the monitor icon.

Apple constantly enhances macOS, seen through their impressive wallpapers. Download these 4K macOS Sonoma wallpapers and share your favorite feature of macOS Sonoma in the comments.

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