DOTA Plus Review — Three Months In

DOTA Plus Review — Three Months In

Just a few months ago, Valve, the creator of the immensely popular video game DOTA 2, introduced a paid subscription service to complement the game’s existing free-to-play model. This service provides hardcore players with access to additional features for a monthly fee. Now, after three months of playing DOTA, we are reflecting on whether this purchase was a worthwhile investment. So, what exactly is available through the subscription, and is it worth it for casual players?

The Price

DOTA Plus Review — Three Months In

DOTA plus offers three pricing options for their plans:

– A monthly subscription for $3.99

– A 6-month subscription for $22.49, with a 6% discount on monthly renewals

– A 12-month subscription for $41.99, with a 12% discount

The 12-month plan saves you one and a half months of payment, while the 6-month plan only saves half a month.

To determine the right plan for you, analyze your Dotabuff activity. You can view your gaming habits on the free Dotabuff Activity tab after signing in through Steam.

Based on my activity history, I take extended breaks during my exam periods in April and November. This means I don’t need the subscription for two to three months each year.

After analyzing the data, I suggest switching to a monthly plan. I advise you to do the same to determine the most suitable option for you.

The Features

The hero progression system is the main feature of DOTA Plus. Subscribers can level up their heroes by playing matches and completing weekly side quests. Levelling up earns them shards, in-game currency, and unlocks the hero-specific chat wheel for communication using their favorite heroes’ voice lines. Shards can also be used to purchase hero gems to track in-game statistics and showcase hero mastery.

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DOTA Plus Review — Three Months In

The hero progression system is a great addition to the game, providing incentive and pleasure while playing your best heroes. The hero chat wheel also has a range of uses. Many lines have been selected for their humor and allow you to taunt your enemies. It’s a small addition with hilarious results.

Plus Rewards

The subscription offers Plus rewards, where players earn shards by leveling up characters and winning games. These shards can be used in the Plus rewards store to buy exclusive sets not available elsewhere in DOTA 2. These high-quality sets have particle effects and unique designs, making them worthwhile purchases. Players who don’t play often can buy older ‘legacy’ sets at a lower price. If there’s a past set you wanted but didn’t want to spend money on, you can get it with DOTA Plus if it’s in the store.

DOTA Plus Review — Three Months In

Plus rewards change the DOTA experience; collectible cosmetics provide an incentive to play more and complete quests. The exclusive sets cost many shards, so few players will have every set. Additionally, the sets can’t be traded on the Steam Community market, which shows that you earned your cosmetics. The shard market is a brilliant addition for casual players who don’t grind MMR. It may be what keeps you playing.

Dota Plus Assistant

The third feature is DOTA Plus Assistant. It works as a statistics analyzer for DOTA 2 games, providing suggestions to improve play.

It includes the hero suggester, game goals for your hero, and lane suggestions. Enabling DOTA Plus Assistant gives real-time suggestions for leveling and items.

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Outside of the game, the assistant provides in-depth comparisons and statistics on how different skill levels play heroes. This allows you to compare yourself to higher-ranked players and learn to improve.

DOTA Plus Review — Three Months In

The DOTA Plus Assistant has limited game impact. Experienced players won’t benefit much from it. Item suggestions are similar to Torte de Lini’s builds, and drafting suggestions can be found for free with DotaPicker. Outside the game, the stats are insightful but mostly the same as what is provided for free on OpenDota. The Dota Plus assistant improves the client by bringing these tools in.

Battle Cups

DOTA Plus currently offers a final feature: free entry to the weekly Battle Cup tournament. Battle Cups pit 8 similarly skilled teams in an elimination tournament. The winners gain shards and an icon next to their names for a week to identify them as Battle Cup winners.

DOTA Plus Review — Three Months In

You can enter the tournament with a group of five friends or use the team search button. Make sure to check the Battle Cup time in your region beforehand to see if you can play.

This feature could make DOTA Plus worthwhile by itself. Battle cup tickets cost $1 per week for non-Plus users. Purchasing the $4 monthly subscription enables you to participate in $4 worth of battle cups and enjoy the other benefits of DOTA Plus.

The Bottom Line

At present, there isn’t enough content in the DOTA Plus subscription to recommend it to everyone. Only get it if you truly enjoy collecting new sets, grinding levels, and positive hero statistics, or if you plan on playing in all the battle cups.

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$4 seems like a reasonable price, but if you don’t love all the features of the subscription, you won’t get your money’s worth from DOTA Plus.

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