Discord vs Twitch: Which Is a Better Gaming Chat Messenger

Discord vs Twitch: Which Is a Better Gaming Chat Messenger

Twitch, owned by Amazon, is a video streaming platform where gamers can connect, chat, and stream their gaming sessions with fans and fellow enthusiasts. Recently, the gaming industry has been flocking to Discord, which has tripled its user base since last year, thanks to games like Fortnite.

Both Discord and Twitch were designed for gamers. Despite entering the market late, Discord forced Twitch to add new features to catch up with its rival.

Discord’s recent update includes new plans and a global game store (beta) to stay ahead and attract more users.

As a gamer, I appreciate Discord and Twitch. Although I have compared Twitch with other VoIP/chat apps previously, let’s evaluate how these two streaming apps perform against each other.

1. Looks Matter

To me, a good interface that works effortlessly and doesn’t require excessive time to figure out the features is preferable. Both Twitch and Discord excel in their user-friendly interfaces. Twitch simplifies the process of discovering and joining new channels and players who stream specific games. Discord’s main focus is to keep you connected with your friends and their activities across various servers and channels. It serves as a hub, making it convenient to start conversations with friends across different channels, servers, and platforms.

Discord is more than just a chat client for gamers. You can create a server with channels for different topics and members participating in discussions. Twitch is used by gamers to live stream their gameplay, interact with the audience, and more.

2. Privacy Policy

Discord has been criticized for their privacy policy, which states that any information you share with them may also be shared with ‘Related Companies’ for contact purposes.

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Discord vs Twitch: Which Is a Better Gaming Chat Messenger

Twitch clearly states on their privacy policy page that it may share personal information with the US government and advertisers, who can use this data for relevant ads. I recommend reading their privacy policy page. Both Twitch and Discord share your data with law enforcement agencies and advertisers as they see fit.

3. Encryption

Discord refuses to implement WhisperSystems Encryption, which was suggested by a user and subsequently declined. In addition, the feature is not on their to-do list. Instead, Discord relies on SSL and voice encryption via Libsodium, a user-friendly encryption technology found on GitHub. This decision has disgruntled users, as it leaves their communication vulnerable to advertisers and government surveillance.

Discord vs Twitch: Which Is a Better Gaming Chat Messenger

Twitch’s lack of encryption when announcing Rooms, a space for chatting with followers and fans, raises concerns. It is unclear why this feature was overlooked on both platforms, but users are dissatisfied.

4. Subscription vs. Plan Model

If you want to make money from your live gaming streams on Twitch, you can invite your fans, answer their questions, and provide game walkthroughs. Twitch is the best platform for this. Advertising is the main way to earn money on Twitch. Major gaming companies want to reach this market and will display ads on your channel during your streams. You will earn money when users interact with these ads.

Discord vs Twitch: Which Is a Better Gaming Chat Messenger

You can include affiliate links for your fans/subscribers to purchase games or other products and earn a commission on each sale. Twitch channel owners with a large following can receive free merchandise and gaming accessories from sponsors or sell their own merchandise. Donations are also an option for users who want to support your live gaming streams. Another great way to make money is by joining the Twitch Partner Program. Subscription plans range from $4.99 to $24.99 and viewers can purchase Bits to cheer you on.

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Discord vs Twitch: Which Is a Better Gaming Chat MessengerDiscord vs Twitch: Which Is a Better Gaming Chat Messenger

Each bit costs $0.01 to buy emotes and badges for real-time support and cheering during gameplay. Simply type ‘cheer’ in the chat and select the number of Bits you want to give.

Discord does not provide a way for gamers to make money, aside from a donation bot, which is unpopular. However, Discord does have plans to generate revenue for themselves.

They offer a Classic plan for $4.99/month, increasing file upload size from 8MB (free account) to 50MB. In addition, you get a customized GIF and emoji pack, as well as a special profile badge for showing support.

Discord vs Twitch: Which Is a Better Gaming Chat Messenger

In August, Discord launched a game store that provides access to over $1000 worth of games in the Nitro plan, which costs $9.99/month. The Classic plan is also included.

Additionally, there is a beta stage Game Store where users can purchase new games using their credit card. This feature is currently available to select users.

Discord organizes channels under servers, making it easy for users to navigate. Twitch has taken inspiration from Discord and introduced Rooms, which can be either private or public. Users can discuss various topics with fans and users. In Discord, users can create a private channel within a server by adjusting permission settings and assigning roles.

Discord vs Twitch: Which Is a Better Gaming Chat Messenger

Both Twitch and Discord support voice and video calls, but Twitch’s mobile apps don’t have this feature. It is only available on the web and desktop apps. Since most people prefer making calls on their mobile devices, Twitch should prioritize adding this feature to their mobile apps.

Discord vs Twitch: Which Is a Better Gaming Chat Messenger

You can live stream gaming sessions, interact with fans, and help them conquer new frontiers. Both Twitch and Discord have game stores, but Twitch has a larger selection of titles compared to Discord, which is still building its library.

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Discord mobile apps enable voice and video calls, which is not available on Twitch mobile. Twitch restricts this feature to its web and desktop versions, which may limit mobile gamers.

Another notable distinction is that Twitch offers content partners various ways to monetize their channels, including ads, donations, and subscription plans. This was elaborated on earlier.

Discord vs Twitch: Which Is a Better Gaming Chat Messenger

Discord is a hub of gaming and social media. It allows you to connect your Steam, Spotify, Facebook, and Twitch accounts. Many gamers use Twitch and Discord together to get the best of both worlds.

Discord vs. Twitch

I believe Discord leads in key areas, offering a better UI and more control over users. You can make voice/video calls on mobile apps.

Twitch is suitable for making money from live streams. It’s fine to use Discord and Twitch together, depending on the channels and gamers you want to follow.

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