Directly Send Word 2010 Documents to PowerPoint 2010

Directly Send Word 2010 Documents to PowerPoint 2010

Creating presentations directly in PowerPoint from scratch can be time-consuming. However, if the data you need to include in your presentation is already in a Microsoft Word file, you can save time by using the “Send to Microsoft PowerPoint” command in Word. This eliminates the need for manual labor, such as copy-pasting information. At Twothirds.Us, we believe in finding efficient ways to work with the various programs in the Microsoft Office suite, and this command is one of them.

The Send to Microsoft PowerPoint command is hidden by default. If you use it regularly, you can add it to the Quick Access toolbar. Here are the steps to activate the feature:

1. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the Quick Access toolbar and select More Commands.

Directly Send Word 2010 Documents to PowerPoint 2010

Step 2. Select “All Commands” from the available choices under “Customize the Quick Access Toolbar” and add it to the toolbar.

Step 3. You will see the new feature added to the other options on the toolbar.

Step 4. Set up the content you want to include in the presentation. Typing in MS Word is faster than in PowerPoint because you don’t have to worry about formatting. However, pay attention to indentation and use bullets to structurally align the content in both Office tools.

One advantage of using Word is that each main heading will automatically become a new slide in PowerPoint. PowerPoint recognizes the heading levels as follows:

– Text with Heading 1 becomes the Title text in PowerPoint.

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– Text with Heading 2 is converted to 1st level bullet points.

– Text with Heading 3 is converted to sub-bullets (2nd level bullet), and so on for Heading 4 and beyond.

To quickly create the presentation slides with all text copied to them, click the Send to PowerPoint button in the Quick Access toolbar. The main headings will appear as separate slides.

Directly Send Word 2010 Documents to PowerPoint 2010

The Send to Microsoft PowerPoint feature lets you quickly construct the slide in MS Word (for example, just create the outline) and then jump to designing the final presentation with formatting and graphics. Do you agree that this is a faster and more efficient way to create presentations? Have you used it?

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