Differences between Beats 1 and Apple Music Radios

Differences between Beats 1 and Apple Music Radios

You downloaded iOS 8.4 on your iPhone or iPad and now have Apple Music. It’s hidden behind the new white Music icon on your home screen. If you check out the Radio tab, you won’t see many changes, but Apple is really pushing this Beats 1 radio station.

Moreover, despite the similar appearance of the radio stations, there is no more iTunes branding. Radio is now integrated into Apple Music. So, what sets Beats 1 apart from Apple Music Radio in general? There are a few important distinctions.

Apple Music Radio

Apple Music Radio is a rebranding of iTunes Radio. It functions almost identically. Whether on iOS in the Music app or on your computer in iTunes, Radio has become a part of Apple Music as Apple seems to be slowly letting go of its pride in the iTunes brand name.

Differences between Beats 1 and Apple Music RadiosDifferences between Beats 1 and Apple Music Radios

In Apple Music Radio, you can create new stations based on songs, albums, artists, or genres. Apple also offers themed radio stations, including Disney and Workout Anthems.

When you listen to Radio in Apple Music, you can star your favorite songs or purchase them from iTunes if available.

Tip: Apple Music subscribers get unlimited song skips in Radio.

Beats 1 Radio Station

Beats 1 is Apple’s radio station under the Beats brand. It launched with Apple Music and is a single station within Apple Music, different from Apple Music Radio. It does not have on-demand listening or skips; instead, it is a traditional live radio broadcast.

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Differences between Beats 1 and Apple Music Radios

Beats 1 broadcasts live to over 100 countries worldwide, 24/7. Apple’s target audience for the radio station is music lovers who enjoy listening to new music, regardless of genre or popularity. As long as the music is relatively new, it can make the cut for Beats 1.

It’s meant to be your go-to station when you’re not in the mood for anything specific and just want to hear some music.

Differences between Beats 1 and Apple Music RadiosDifferences between Beats 1 and Apple Music Radios

Apple maintains the Beats 1 program schedule on its Tumblr page, featuring two-hour worldwide DJ shows or one-hour regular programming from the stations in Los Angeles, CA or New York City. Prominent DJs include Zane Lowe in Los Angeles, Ebro Darden in New York City, and Julie Adenuga in London, England.

You can stream Beats 1 radio with or without an Apple Music subscription in iTunes on your computer or the Music app on iPhone or iPad.

Primary Differences

Beats 1 radio is a live station available in over 100 countries through Apple Music Radio. It is a rebranding of the iTunes Radio service. You can listen to standard radio stations and Beats 1 with or without an Apple Music subscription, but unlimited skips require a subscription. Apple Music costs $9.99 per month, with the first three months being free when you sign up.

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