Difference Between Apple Watch Nike Plus and Standard

Difference Between Apple Watch Nike Plus and Standard

New to the market is the Apple Watch Nike+ edition. It brings a few new features, yet sells for the same price as the regular Apple Watch Series 2. This begs the question, are there any significant differences beside just looks? Can you get the exclusive Nike+ bands or the Nike+ software features for your regular Apple Watch? Let’s compare.

Difference Between Apple Watch Nike Plus and Standard

Nike+ Bands and Models

If you’ve seen the Apple Watch Nike+, you’d notice the distinctive bands. They’re essentially sport bands, with stylistic perforations for better breathability. Two out of four options also have Nike’s signature volt yellow color.

However, it’s not possible to purchase a different Apple Watch model and later add the Nike+ band.

Difference Between Apple Watch Nike Plus and Standard

These bands are exclusive to the Apple Watch Nike+. You cannot purchase them separately or choose them for any other model of Apple Watch. Knockoff versions may be found on Amazon, but we cannot endorse those. The Nike+ models have four color combinations: black/volt, black/cool gray, silver/volt, and silver/white. The bands with black are paired with a space gray aluminum Apple Watch, while the bands with silver are paired with a silver one. They are available in both 38 mm and 42 mm sizes, priced at $369 and $399 respectively. The Apple Watch Nike+ is only available in Series 2, which includes swim-proof casing, a brighter display, and GPS.

Nike+ Watch Faces

The Apple Watch Nike+ includes exclusive watch faces, including the notable one shown in product images with Nike’s bold font displaying the digital clock and customizable complications. Other watch face options are also available, some featuring a traditional analog clock. These watch faces and the volt color option are unique to the Apple Watch Nike+ and not available on other models.

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Difference Between Apple Watch Nike Plus and Standard

These watch faces have a new signature color option: volt yellow. When customizing your watch face, the Apple Watch Nike+ allows you to choose volt, a distinct color that matches the Nike branding.

The watch faces and the volt color option are only available on the Apple Watch Nike+. These two features are exclusive to your Nike+ purchase.

Nike+ Run Club

The Nike+ Run Club is available to iPhone users as an app. It is also accessible through iMessage. This app, designed for Apple Watch, allows you to time and track your runs. It includes a feature that encourages you to compete with your friends to achieve goals. Furthermore, it sends motivational reminders related to the weather or your friends’ progress to help you get started. By utilizing the GPS feature on your Apple Watch, it tracks the location of your run and creates a map. Additionally, Nike+ Run Club utilizes the health data recorded by the iOS/watchOS Health app and the built-in heart rate monitor.

The Nike+ Run Club is available as an iPhone and iMessage app. It can be accessed on all Apple devices, not just the Apple Watch Nike+. Although it is not preloaded, Apple Watch Nike+ buyers receive a prompt to install the Run Club app during setup.

Difference Between Apple Watch Nike Plus and Standard

The Apple Watch Nike+ has exclusive bands, watch faces, and an on-screen volt yellow color. Other than that, it is the same as the Apple Watch Series 2. Run Club is available for all Apple Watch models.

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