Create Interactive Tours of Your Shops with Google Business Photos

Create Interactive Tours of Your Shops with Google Business Photos

Panoramic views of the countryside have made us couch travelers. Now, 360-degree views and Google technology could revolutionize virtual shopping. Google Business Photos is a new initiative that allows you to provide potential customers with a preview of your shop, restaurant, or any other business. It showcases your business in its entirety, creating a high-quality, interactive experience.

How Will It Help My Business?

Your business listing on Google search results, Google Maps, and Google Place allows potential customers to virtually explore your store. This feature provides a better understanding of your store’s interiors without physically visiting the place. When considering booking a restaurant, for example, being able to preview the ambience and seating arrangements can be highly advantageous. You can showcase the highlights of your store through walkthroughs and embed the virtual tour on your website to create a professional impression.

How is Google Business Photos Captured?

Google has partnered with a small network of professional photographers – Google Trusted Photographers, independent contractors trained and certified by Google to produce high-quality panoramic images. The program is new, and its coverage is currently limited to a few countries, including the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, and the UK. However, applications are accepted from anywhere worldwide, and Google may consider them.

How Much Will it Cost Me?

Trusted Photographers, freelancers, have their rates. Rates depend on your business and the interiors to be covered. For example, a 1000 sq.ft. warehouse costs less than a 700 sq.ft. restaurant since more shots are needed for the restaurant’s interior décor. Negotiate prices with the photographer and enter into a contractual agreement. Google also provides a free $100 Adwords incentive to offset the shoot’s cost and advertise on their platform.

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Sure. As a business owner, you can sign into Google Places and upload your own photos. But do remember that Trusted Photographers are trained in interior photography techniques and the tools necessary to stitch together panoramic photos seamlessly. Read the FAQ on Google Business Photos to find out more about this service. Google Business Photos is a great promotion tool that allows you to cover all Google properties with an interactive tour and grab attention for your business. How does the idea grab you?

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